How to Tell Your Partner about Your Impotence

April 4, 2009 by  
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Erectile dysfunction is bad enough as it is. It robs a person of a lot of pleasure that is his birthright, it creates serious impediments in bringing to life a new generation, and it creates an almost incurable inferiority complex. While these are as it is, the whole situation becomes worse than it should be, because of the incommunicability of the problem.

In a theoretical sense, impotence is not something to be embarrassed about, because it is just a disease like any other, and is quite often amenable to treatment with erectile dysfunction aids. The problem here is not exactly the reasons for erectile dysfunction, or the availability of erectile dysfunction treatment. Impotence is considered such a negative stamp on manhood that a man’s inferiority complex skyrockets and he cannot bring himself to admit the truth to his sexual partner.

But a veil of secrecy around the problem only makes the matters worse. Men have a tendency to get erectile dysfunction treatment without letting the partner know that they are seeking treatment.

So, a partner should essentially be made part of the process as far as erectile dysfunction treatments are concerned. It may be a bit difficult to start with, but a man should tell his partner about his problem of impotence because at the end of the day, the problem is not his alone, it is theirs. The acknowledgement of the problem to the other helps enormously, in the following ways.

The growing difference from the other partner, due to erectile dysfunction, could be interpreted by that partner as something else like an extramarital affair or personal animosity. The confession instantly solves that problem, which could otherwise fester.

Some men just go on the offensive, on the principle that offense is the best defense. Instead, if he can come out open that his problem is impotence, it will ease the tension between them. The other partner will understand that it is a problem out of which they have to find a way out together.

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be physical or psychological. Stress or anxiety, or even lack of confidence can lead to it. Once a person becomes frank with his partner about his problems, they can try to find out the causes of erectile dysfunction and how to go about curing impotence.

There are erectile dysfunction drugs that can solve the problem. Partners should have free and frank discussions about the reasons and circumstances that have possibly led to it, and should seek appropriate medical aid.

An understanding partner is considered to be one to whom an individual can expose himself completely, physically and mentally. There is no point in hiding the problems of erectile dysfunction, of all things, from her.