How Does Erectile Dysfunction Manifest?

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Impotence, a condition for which many men seek remedies, is caused by many factors, which need to be addressed in order to eliminate the factors that caused the condition in the first instance. For example, erectile dysfunction can be caused by a diabetic condition. Complete cure for diabetes may not be possible but that doesn’t mean that a person should be deprived of a satisfying sex life just because the root cause cannot be removed.

Other causes that lead to impotence may be neurological problems, hormone deficiency, or psychological problems. Further, a gradual onset of impotence can manifest as a corollary to aging. In an earlier era this might not have been considered an ailment. But the dimensions of a satisfying life is today quite different even for a senior citizen and he sees no justification in being deprived of what is one of the most fulfilling of human experiences.

Sometimes the causes of impotence may be psychological. The resultant unsatisfactory sex life will cause a lot of frustration, which in turn can give rise to depression, tension, anxiety etc. Thus the problem of impotence often spins a vicious circle of recurring psychological problems.

An insufficient erection can be symptomatic of any physical condition like blood pressure, high level of glucose in blood etc. Certain symptoms like excessive thirst, fatigue, etc. are indicative of diabetes. When a person with these symptoms is having difficulty is sustaining an erection, there could be some correlation between those diabetic symptoms and his erectile dysfunction problems.

However, every erectile dysfunction problem may not be connected with a definable physical condition, or chronic psychological problem. Simple performance anxiety could be the difficulty in getting an erection and this is often mistaken for impotence. For example, a slightly different setting of the place which an individual might feel can make it difficult for a man to get a good erection.

It is also common to experience this problem in the early phases of a relationship with a new sexual partner – and this is due to nervousness, anxiety to please or possibly shyness. In this case, just be patient with yourself, explain this to your partner – she will understand. Although women expect their partners to be perfect lovers in bed all the time, they can also understand that a temporary setback can be caused by anxiety and nervousness.

Even a rather long gap in having sex could result in an inability to perform and make a man feel that he is having impotence related problems. Long leave from sex is nothing rare as there are enough bachelors around and there are also people like sailors, or army personnel on deployment, forced to have long separations from a partner.

In many such cases the problem is not impotence but simple anxiety neurosis. The treatment for this can be in the person’s mind itself, or in the hands of an expert partner who can successfully arouse him. Those, who still do not feel confident, can consult a physician and use erectile dysfunction drugs for temporary relief till he gets over the problem.