Counseling As a Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

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A large percentage of impotence related problems are physiological, and amenable to treatment by erectile dysfunction drugs, balanced diets, or surgeries. Parkinson’s disease, or problems relating to nerves or arteries, can lead to erectile dysfunction, and treatment would pretty much depend on the cause that led to it.

However, psychological factors play a significantly important role in male impotence problems. Mental conditions like stress, anxiety, or depression, directly or indirectly lead to many physical problems like indigestion, headaches, skin conditions etc. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that these dysfunctions of mind have a strong influence in erectile dysfunction. Sex being one of those bodily processes where mind and body blend in an inseparable way, any mental problem like insecurity, nervousness, or lack of confidence is bound to play an important role in penis erection.

Here is where the importance of a counseling session comes in. Those who counsel people with erection problems are generally trained professionals who are psychotherapists. But the basic difference here from a general medical treatment is the fact that here the patient is in a way curing himself. The counselor just shows him a way for curing impotence.

As in the case of any counseling, a counseling session for curing impotence is also carried out through a series of questions and answers. Since these sessions essentially start after physical reasons for erectile dysfunction have been ruled out, the prime requirement here is to explore the mental conditions that could have led to the erection problems.

It is equally or more important to find out how many of these causes, that might have originally led to difficulties in penis erection, still persist. A wide array of factors like a negative workplace atmosphere, insufficient job satisfaction, lack of self confidence, the ‘love factor’ in a relationship, financial problems, or interference from or influence of other family members in a relationship, are causes enough to lead to erection problems.

A counselor basically helps people to make decisions, solve problems, or improve relationships. Counseling is not an oral medical solution for erection problems, or for any problem for that matter. A counselor just helps a person to open the windows of his own mind, and helps him to perceive the inhibiting factors that are leading to the erectile dysfunction, and tells him how he can neutralize those factors.

Everybody may not be able to reconcile with this viewpoint where a patient is told that the problem is within himself. This is all the more true for sufferers of erectile dysfunction since what they are hoping for is an instant remedy that would redeem their problems.

Counseling for erection problems may be done individually or together with the partner, depending upon the nature of the problem. Quite often, unaware to the victim of erectile dysfunction, the problem might lie with the reactions or inhibiting factors of the other partner. Simple things like changing the overall approach to the problem, or viewing of the problem in a different way by the other partner, could work as an instant remedy for erection problems.

Counseling can be used in itself, or in combination with other erectile dysfunction treatments, to solve erection problems. Counseling is all about helping a person discover himself, and enabling him to use effective techniques to change himself.

In addition to counseling, there are many home remedies that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction.