Ways of Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction

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Unlike certain other medical problems, where the symptoms appear long after the disease has in fact started, in the case of erectile dysfunction, the disease is the symptom itself.

In order to permanently treat erectile dysfunction, it is important to identify and address the causes. If the more common erectile dysfunction treatments do not work, the elimination method would have to be used for isolating the cause for curing impotence. The process of diagnosis involves medical tests of all types.

The act of penis erection is a two-dimensional function that involves body and mind in equal measures. While the arousal is basically felt to be a mental function, the consummation of the process has a larger physical dimension to it. Hormones, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves have to contribute in a fully aligned manner to achieve proper penis erection.

So, malfunctioning of any of these can lead to erectile dysfunction. As blood vessels and nerves are involved in the process, physicians basically scan the existence of any neurological or cardiovascular problems in someone suffering from erectile dysfunction. Likewise hormonal levels are also checked to decide whether it is interfering with penis erection.

A method used for measuring the vascular pressure of the penis is called cavernosometry. In this process, fluid is pumped into the penis at a specific rate and pressure to measure the rate of infusion required for a rigid penis erection. A good penis erection requires seven times the normal blood flow into it and this test enables the physician to find out what blocks, or causes a leak in this flow.

Proper nerve functioning is equally important for a proper penis erection. When the nerves in the penis area become less sensitive, it can easily lead to erectile dysfunction. Such insensitivity can result from the continued use of certain drugs, or damage to brain or spinal cord, or even trauma.

Those people suffering from diabetes from a comparatively early age can easily become victims of erectile dysfunction. Doctors always check for the connection with a pre-existing disease and erectile dysfunction, while trying to establish the cause. Elimination method in treating erectile dysfunction also makes the process less expensive.

Chronic use of drug or alcohol is sufficient cause to make a person suffer from erection problems. Where a patient has these problems, it is generally concluded that his erectile dysfunction is directly connected to it. Other tests are not ordered under such circumstances. More tests would become necessary only if the erectile dysfunction problem persists even after the individual is de-addicted.

Likewise, a person may have erection problems after a prostrate cancer surgery. Doctors often tell prostrate cancer patients of the probability of development of erectile dysfunction after the operation. They also help them to choose the type of cancer treatment based on this knowledge.

Luckily, there are many erectile dysfunction natural herb treatments and erectile dysfunction drugs that can be used to eliminate this problem, so any man suffering from this condition is now able to live a fuller sexual life.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

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With the continuing advance of medical science, treatment options have widened for all types of ailments. In the case of erectile dysfunction, it has become exceptionally so. The problem is now being discussed openly and many solutions that include erectile dysfunction drugs, and surgery, are available today for sufferers.

One single factor that has revolutionized erectile dysfunction treatment is the arrival of Viagra on the scene. This drug received the approval of FDA in March 1998. Since then it has helped millions across the world to overcome erectile dysfunction problems and lead a satisfactory sex life. The word Viagra has even made it to Oxford English Dictionary.

The group of three PDE-5 inhibitors, which include Viagra and its sister drugs Cialis and Levitra, have been a landmark invention by drug companies in erectile dysfunction treatment. All the three function in basically the same way, that is, by increasing the blood flow into the penis, though there are slight differences in dosage.

Corpus spongiosum and two corpus cavernosa are three bits of expandable tissues across the penis. When a man is stimulated, hormones are released to relax the spongy tissue, and make blood flow into the area. The two corpus cavernosa expand to receive the blood, thus making the penis stiff and long.

Impotence related problems arise when this blood flow to the penis is inhibited due to some reason. Physicians often cure impotence by treating the underlying problems that could be neurological or hormone related. However today’s erectile dysfunction drugs, headed by Viagra, work mainly on the symptom itself and ensure that patients get a satisfactory and sustainable erection.

Besides these better known erectile dysfunction drugs, needle injection therapy is also used to treat erectile dysfunction problems. Drugs like alprostadil, papaverine hydrochloride, or phentolamine used in this treatment. Either of these is injected into the penis through a sharp and narrow needle. As they are directly injected, the results are mostly better than ingesting pills.

Another way of treating erectile dysfunction problems is inserting a small pellet of alprostadil into the penis. The pellet is known as MUSE or Medicated Urethral Suppository for Erection. This could result in some pain, and causes an erection longer than necessary. Another erectile dysfunction treatment is the use of a vacuum pump that fits on the penis and controls the blood flow. This mode of treatment has been in use for pretty long.

Prosthetic implants into the penis is another erectile dysfunction treatment that has been in use even before Viagra and other drugs were popularized. Prosthetic implants can be malleable or inflatable. Malleable ones are a pair of rods. Inflatable ones are two piece or three piece sets, which consist of a fluid filled reservoir in the lower abdomen, a pump and release valve inside the scrotum, and two inflatable cylinders placed inside the penis. All these equipments are surgically inserted to the required places. When necessary, the pump is operated to fill the penis with fluid to make it erect.

Perhaps the best treatment for erectile dysfunction is the use of natural herbal remedies which do not have any negavtive side effects. Millions of men have successfully treated this problem using natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Complete solution is possible only when the underlying problem is treated. When erectile dysfunction results by the damage to blood vessels or nerve endings, repairing these can cure impotence permanently. However, certain physical conditions may not be amenable to complete repair. In such cases the patient will have to rely on other erectile dysfunction aids to be able to lead a fuller life.

The erectile dysfunction treatment suitable to an individual has to be decided by his personal physician, based on the individual’s preference, state of health, and medical history.

The Negative Effects of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

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Although erectile dysfunction treatments have helped men get rid of their impotence problems, erectile dysfunction drugs can have some side effects. The term side effects, with reference to drugs, refer to those effects of a medicine, other than its required therapeutic effect.

All the three popular erectile dysfunction drugs, Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra, have side effects, though these are comparatively few. Doctors always warn the patients undergoing erectile dysfunction treatment about the possible side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs and sometimes prescribe supplementary medicines to minimize those effects.

All the erectile dysfunction drugs that are in the market today react negatively with nitrates. Those who are taking nitrate containing drugs for chest pain or a heart problem should never take any of these three erectile dysfunction drugs. These drugs can also have negative reactions in combination with alpha blockers, a medication used in the treatment of enlarged prostrate.

Besides that, some people could be allergic to any of these three erectile dysfunction drugs, even if they are not on any other medication. Sometimes an allergic reaction could be mild, and amenable to treatment. But if it is of a more serious type, it would be advisable to avoid using whichever of the three erectile dysfunction drugs that is causing the problem.

Minor negative problems have been reported in the users of all the three erectile dysfunction drugs. More than 16% of Viagra users have complained of headaches, while 7% have reported digestive problem, and 4% was found to have nasal congestion. Diarrhea and urinary tract infections are the problem of 3% of users. Statistics of Cialis and Levitra are also not entirely different from the other two erectile dysfunction drugs.

These numbers may not be accurate, since variations are seen based on different studies. There could be unreported cases, and severity of reaction also varies from person to person. And people have different medical histories and pre-existing problems as well. Because of all that, it is not possible to say accurately, how much of these reactions are just side effects of the erectile dysfunction drugs they have been using and how much is the result of a combination of other factors with erectile dysfunction treatment.

In a very small percentage of men using erectile dysfunction drugs like Cialis, Viagra, or Levitra, permanent loss of vision has been reported. This is a condition known as NAION or Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. Though it has not been fully established how much the erectile dysfunction drug has contributed to this state of affairs, people who have any form of retinal disorder should not take any of the drugs without a complete clearance from the doctor.

Penile implants can also have side effects. A reaction to anesthesia, tissue scarring, and need for corrective surgical procedure and replacing the implant, are the possible negative problems for those undergoing erectile dysfunction treatment by prosthetic implants.

Even counseling, as a remedy for erectile dysfunction, is not completely without its negative upshots. Every counselor does a bit of jabbing in the dark, whether he is treating erectile dysfunction or a workplace problem. He may diagnose the root cause of the impotence wrongly and give advice based on his analysis. For example, he may force the patient to involve his partner also in the counseling for erectile dysfunction. But the partner’s temperament may not be suitable to open discussions with strangers and by bringing her into the session, the counselor may cause his patient to lose whatever goodwill he had so far had from his partner.

No drug or discipline in the world may be totally free from some side effects. But generally speaking, the benefits from erectile dysfunction drugs far outweigh its possible negative effects.

There are several natural remedies for erectile dysfunction which do not have any negative effects, and many men have successfully eliminated their erection dysfunction problems using these remedies.

Shedding the stigma of erectile dysfunction.

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In a theoretical sense, there is no difference between impotence and erectile dysfunction. The latter is only the technical jargon for what layman calls impotence. But somehow the word erectile dysfunction is used more commonly these days, maybe in an apparent attempt to cloak it in jargon to reduce a bit of the stigma attached to it.

For some men, the causes of erectile dysfunction have been diagnosed variously as neurological, cardiovascular, or diabetic-related. It can result from surgery or even deep-seated psychological problems.

As a result, today, the problem of impotence can be easily diagnosed and treated in most men. One important requirement is that the patient himself understands that he has a problem with penis erection. Once that is done, it is not difficult to establish the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and getting proper erectile dysfunction treatments. The earlier the diagnosis, the better the chances of getting back to a normal life.

There are also many cases of healthy men without nay medical conditions suffering from erection problems.

A revolution in the field of erectile dysfunction treatment has been achieved by the arrival on the scene of drugs like Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. All these three drugs belong to the group known as PDE-5 inhibitors and solve the erectile dysfunction problem in the same manner. They help in smooth muscle relaxation and trapping of blood into the penis.

If you are on any medication, it is recommended that you check with your physician before you start using any of these erectile dysfunction drugs. Another erectile dysfunction treatment is prosthetic implant, which doctors may recommend after deciding its suitability for the patient.

Psychological treatment for impotence is a different picture altogether. This may require counseling at a support group, or clinical therapy with a psychotherapist. It is always a good idea to get the partner also involved in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, more so when it is psychological.

Of course, erectile dysfunction treatment may be required even for singles. In some such cases, it must be the impotence problem that has made him single. However, when a partner is there, he or she must preferably be made a part of the treatment program. Open and frank communication with the partner, as well as the counselor, or the physician, as the case may be, would make the whole process of erectile dysfunction treatment so much easier.

Whatever the causes behind erectile dysfunction, the treatment options for it have vastly improved over the years. Today it is no longer a problem that the patients hide even from the doctors.

Success rate of erectile dysfunction treatment is found to be about 90% and treatment is good enough not to just solve the physical problem, but even to completely remove the emotional trauma as well. As a result of effective erectile dysfunction treatment, people are today able to lead very satisfying sexual lives that in turn can boost their self esteem.

Psychological Reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction

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Impotence has traditionally been considered to be linked more to psychological factors than to physical factors. It is modern medicine that later shifted the focus more to physical causes that could be internal chronic medical conditions or those ensuing from a surgery. Erectile dysfunction could also result from a combination of physical and psychological factors.

For example, a person with chronic depression might be on medication for this condition. If he is experiencing erectile dysfunction problems, it could be the result of the depression itself, or the result of the drugs he is taking for that. Human emotions and physical conditions are often so intricately connected, and one keeps on feeding on the other, that it is a bit difficult sometimes to either see it separately as a cause or treat it in isolation.

Even those erectile dysfunction problems, which are purely physical in origin, can be aggravated by mental conditions. The very frustration arising from the unsatisfactory sexual situation becomes a mental condition that further fuels the impotence problem and perhaps makes it gargantuan. Further, excessive obsession about sexual performance itself can become counterproductive and lead to erection problems.

Impotence resulting from psychological reasons may sometimes develop suddenly. A temporary problem in the workplace may cause an equally temporary erectile dysfunction problem, which may get rectified once the problem that led to it is solved. Similarly, there could be financial problems, or legal wrangles, that could cause tension or anxiety, and all these can directly affect sexual performance and will be clinically seen as impotence related.

While most of these impotence problems get cured on its own when the cause disappears, some can become longer lasting as well. One reason for this is that the causes themselves may not disappear. Stressful jobs and family problems may become part and parcel of life for some people, thereby making erection problems also part of their lives. In such cases they might have to seek outside medical help or depend upon erectile dysfunction drugs for help.

Self confidence and self-esteem is a basic human requirement for succeeding anywhere and this rule is applicable to sexual performance as well. A lack of self-esteem, or a feeling of inadequacy, especially in comparison with the sexual partner, can easily lead to erectile dysfunction problems.

Problems in relationship with the partner also can lead to erectile dysfunction. A sexual relationship is often peppered with ego hassles, financial problems, or superiority/inferiority complexes. Any one of these can be a roadblock in a smooth relationship and can trigger erection problems. And partners of people with impotence problems can easily feel frustrated and rejected, which would in turn aggravate the problem.

There is no dearth of psychological causes for erectile dysfunction. The positive side is that the problem is out of the closet these days. So there are erectile dysfunction drugs available in the market, and in general better erectile dysfunction aids to help people step over the problem more easily.

Prosthetic Implants for Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is no incurable disease, and majority of the sufferers of the problem get cured by erectile dysfunction drugs that have flooded the markets and are advertised round the clock. There are also natural herbal remedies which have helped millions of men to get rid of the erectile dysfunction problem, and these products do not have any side effects.

For some men with severe cases of erectile dysfunction, most likely due to some medical conditions or previous surgery, having a penile implant becomes the only alternative.

When the treatment of prosthetic implants became available first, everybody was not happy about the idea of an inanimate object nestling inside the body. There was also the added risk of infection and breaking of the implant. However with the evolution of medical science, like other erectile dysfunction treatments, the whole procedure of penile implants has also substantially improved.

Prosthetic implants can be malleable or inflatable. The former are a pair of rods, semi-rigid in nature. The latter has an inner core made of metal or plastic, surrounded by a less harder outer covering, and may of may not be adjustable. Either of these can be planted into the penis to treat erectile dysfunction.

These implants are effective as a remedy for erectile dysfunction and the surgical procedure is not complicated. One drawback is the fact that it makes the erection sort of permanent, keeping the organ permanently rigid. The penis is never fully flaccid, even while managing its other functions.

As an erectile dysfunction aid, the inflatable implant is more popular. In a three piece inflatable implant, a reservoir with fluid is placed under the abdominal wall, a pump and release valve are placed inside the scrotum, and two inflatable cylinders are placed inside the penis. When a person needs to have sex, the fluid is pumped into the cylinders to get an erection, by squeezing the pump. After the function is over, the valve is released to drain the fluid back.

The two piece inflatable implant also works the same way. The only difference is that the pump and the fluid reservoir are a single unit. The method, in general, is considered a safe erectile dysfunction treatment. According to the reports from the Department of Urology of Cornell University, infections have been reported only in 2% to 3% of cases, since all units of the implant are coated with antibiotic compounds.

Improved surgical procedures and better models of implants have improved the efficacy of penile implants. Doctors inform the patients of the advantages and downsides of all models and let them choose the type of implant based on personal preference, health condition, and past medical history. As erectile dysfunction aids, prosthetic implants are believed to work well, since the satisfaction rate of patients is high.

However, it is important to note that most common cases of erectile dysfunction can be treated by using natural and herbal treatments which do not have any side effects.

Prognosis of Erectile Dysfunction

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In the past, treatment options for erectile dysfunction were very limited. It was not a matter discussed in open, and patients themselves found it difficult to acknowledge the problem. However, significant changes have occurred in the field of erectile dysfunction treatments in the last two decades.

About an average 15% of the population in USA is found to be suffering from impotence, or erectile dysfunction. This includes even people who had the problem for short periods of two or three month. And it is difficult to say whether this is the real number, since not everyone who have erection problems do not seek medical help.

As older people have more erection problems, among senior citizens the incidence of erectile dysfunction is bound to be quite high. The coming into the scene of drug giants like Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra has changed the erectile dysfunction treatment options completely. After the drugs’ approval by the FDA in 1998, millions have benefitted from these and are leading far more satisfying and fuller sexual lives.

Due to the increase in treatment options, the negative side effects from the existing types of erectile dysfunction treatments have decreased. However, there are still problems related to the use of erectile dysfunction drugs for people with liver problems, or multiple sclerosis.

Viagra has been found to be exceptionally effective in erectile dysfunction treatments, but even this is not completely free of side effects. About 11% to 16% of users reportedly have headaches as a result of taking the drug.

An array of causes like depression, lack of self esteem, or relationship problems, which were not formerly felt to be leading to erectile dysfunction, has now been found to be directly or indirectly connected to it. This realization, and the overall removal of the stigma attached to the problem, has vastly improved the success rate of erectile dysfunction treatment.

There are some very effective natural remedies that have helped millions of men get rid of the problem of erectile dysfunction. These remedies do not have any side effects.

Physical Causes That Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

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The causes of erectile dysfunction span a wide spectrum of mental and physical problems. Some of these can be of such an ephemeral nature that it could even be due to a change of a sexual partner, or an unfamiliar setting, or alcohol use. There are also more enduring ones resulting from medical diseases such as diabetes.

However, the borderline sometimes gets blurred between a temporary erectile dysfunction and a more lasting one. Certain bladder related or prostate related surgeries can lead to impotence. This could last for a couple of months, sowing a bit of confusion in the sufferer’s mind as to whether it is a fleeting problem or will continue like that. Surgery related erectile dysfunction problems mostly disappear after a certain period.

Impotence problems resulting from spinal cord injuries or nerves related problems are found to be more lasting than those resulting from bladder or prostate surgeries. Here the problem mainly arises from insufficient nerve signals. However, even those erectile dysfunction problems that do not get rectified on its own, are amenable to treatment.

There are other diseases, or non-surgical procedures, that tend to lead to temporary or lasting impotence. Radiation on testicles as a treatment for cancer is one such. Then there is a condition known as Hypogonadism, which results in reduced production of the hormone testosterone. Peyronie’s disease produces scar tissue beneath the penis, as a result of which the male organ curves and can become unable to get filled with enough blood for an erection. All these can cause short-term or long-term impotence.

Yet another condition that leads to erectile dysfunction is multiple sclerosis. While all these conditions are comparatively rare, diabetes has become a very common potential cause for erectile dysfunction. Since it is affecting more and more people of the younger generation, many of them stand a chance of having impotence related problems due to the effect of the disease on nerves or blood vessels.

However, whatever the cause of their origin, most impotence problems are amenable to treatment. In the case of diabetes, since treatment for the problem is better evolved now, most erectile dysfunction problems arising from it is completely curable. Even where complete cure has not been possible, drugs or implants work for most people to the extent that they are able to have a satisfactory sex life.

Hypertension is also a medical condition that could contribute to getting an erectile dysfunction problem. Further, hypertension, even if it did not produce any impotence problem, could cause a stroke, which in turn could lead to a temporary or lasting impotence problem.

In today’s fast world, there is a wide range of factors that could lead to an erectile dysfunction problem. But the good news is that erectile dysfunction treatments have evolved well and fast so that the suffering that could ensue from the problem is substantially reduced. There are some effective home remedies that can get rid of your problem and you can be able to satisfy your sexual partner and have fun in the bedroom again.

How to Tell Your Partner about Your Impotence

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Erectile dysfunction is bad enough as it is. It robs a person of a lot of pleasure that is his birthright, it creates serious impediments in bringing to life a new generation, and it creates an almost incurable inferiority complex. While these are as it is, the whole situation becomes worse than it should be, because of the incommunicability of the problem.

In a theoretical sense, impotence is not something to be embarrassed about, because it is just a disease like any other, and is quite often amenable to treatment with erectile dysfunction aids. The problem here is not exactly the reasons for erectile dysfunction, or the availability of erectile dysfunction treatment. Impotence is considered such a negative stamp on manhood that a man’s inferiority complex skyrockets and he cannot bring himself to admit the truth to his sexual partner.

But a veil of secrecy around the problem only makes the matters worse. Men have a tendency to get erectile dysfunction treatment without letting the partner know that they are seeking treatment.

So, a partner should essentially be made part of the process as far as erectile dysfunction treatments are concerned. It may be a bit difficult to start with, but a man should tell his partner about his problem of impotence because at the end of the day, the problem is not his alone, it is theirs. The acknowledgement of the problem to the other helps enormously, in the following ways.

The growing difference from the other partner, due to erectile dysfunction, could be interpreted by that partner as something else like an extramarital affair or personal animosity. The confession instantly solves that problem, which could otherwise fester.

Some men just go on the offensive, on the principle that offense is the best defense. Instead, if he can come out open that his problem is impotence, it will ease the tension between them. The other partner will understand that it is a problem out of which they have to find a way out together.

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be physical or psychological. Stress or anxiety, or even lack of confidence can lead to it. Once a person becomes frank with his partner about his problems, they can try to find out the causes of erectile dysfunction and how to go about curing impotence.

There are erectile dysfunction drugs that can solve the problem. Partners should have free and frank discussions about the reasons and circumstances that have possibly led to it, and should seek appropriate medical aid.

An understanding partner is considered to be one to whom an individual can expose himself completely, physically and mentally. There is no point in hiding the problems of erectile dysfunction, of all things, from her.

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Manifest?

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Impotence, a condition for which many men seek remedies, is caused by many factors, which need to be addressed in order to eliminate the factors that caused the condition in the first instance. For example, erectile dysfunction can be caused by a diabetic condition. Complete cure for diabetes may not be possible but that doesn’t mean that a person should be deprived of a satisfying sex life just because the root cause cannot be removed.

Other causes that lead to impotence may be neurological problems, hormone deficiency, or psychological problems. Further, a gradual onset of impotence can manifest as a corollary to aging. In an earlier era this might not have been considered an ailment. But the dimensions of a satisfying life is today quite different even for a senior citizen and he sees no justification in being deprived of what is one of the most fulfilling of human experiences.

Sometimes the causes of impotence may be psychological. The resultant unsatisfactory sex life will cause a lot of frustration, which in turn can give rise to depression, tension, anxiety etc. Thus the problem of impotence often spins a vicious circle of recurring psychological problems.

An insufficient erection can be symptomatic of any physical condition like blood pressure, high level of glucose in blood etc. Certain symptoms like excessive thirst, fatigue, etc. are indicative of diabetes. When a person with these symptoms is having difficulty is sustaining an erection, there could be some correlation between those diabetic symptoms and his erectile dysfunction problems.

However, every erectile dysfunction problem may not be connected with a definable physical condition, or chronic psychological problem. Simple performance anxiety could be the difficulty in getting an erection and this is often mistaken for impotence. For example, a slightly different setting of the place which an individual might feel can make it difficult for a man to get a good erection.

It is also common to experience this problem in the early phases of a relationship with a new sexual partner – and this is due to nervousness, anxiety to please or possibly shyness. In this case, just be patient with yourself, explain this to your partner – she will understand. Although women expect their partners to be perfect lovers in bed all the time, they can also understand that a temporary setback can be caused by anxiety and nervousness.

Even a rather long gap in having sex could result in an inability to perform and make a man feel that he is having impotence related problems. Long leave from sex is nothing rare as there are enough bachelors around and there are also people like sailors, or army personnel on deployment, forced to have long separations from a partner.

In many such cases the problem is not impotence but simple anxiety neurosis. The treatment for this can be in the person’s mind itself, or in the hands of an expert partner who can successfully arouse him. Those, who still do not feel confident, can consult a physician and use erectile dysfunction drugs for temporary relief till he gets over the problem.

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