Stress – Stress in Relationships

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No matter whether it is a spouse, a domestic partner, or a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend, as long as you live with someone, stress can occur. Being in a romantic relationship tends to bring about stress symptoms along with its problems, on both sides of the party.

Stress usually comes about when someone is caught in-between a decision of “I must” or “I can’t”. This is usually mingled with a feeling that something must be done, but the resources are blocked, resulting in a feeling of loss.

Relationships, in general, cause problems. But those with a significant other bring about more extreme symptoms of stress than regular relationships do. Because each person is unique, everyone has different interests and preferred lifestyles, as well as different ways to deal with or approach situations. Men tend to be stoic, if not repressed. Some people tend to leave their stress problems at bay while others like to attack situations that deal with stress head on.

It can be a very difficult task indeed to try and adjust to the style of another person and deal with the various everyday choices that need to be made. This can often lead to conflicts, which, in turn, leads to stress. Stress comes about most often when the people involved are unrealistic or not willing to compromise or communicate.

In a lot of cases, the only feasible solution is to separate. However, before this happens, any valuable relationship will try to work things out by resolving conflicts and hoping to avoid stress.

Acute stress refers to the type of stress that does not last long. Whether major or minor, these episodes of stress are simply inevitable in romantic relationships. There are no limits to the stress problems that could occur, mostly involving stress health, finances, family, children, and careers.

However, acute stress hardly does any harm. Acute stress episodes tend to fade or are resolved easily, while life returns to normal afterwards. When a list of these stress problems come up, however, and more importantly, if those involved think the stress problems cannot be resolved, chronic stress comes into play.

What people tend to misconstrue is that the way out is difficult; it is, in fact, quite simple. It is actually a rarity to find a stress problem that cannot be resolved. If life were full of stress problems that we could not deal with, insurance companies would all go bankrupt.

Stress reduction in relationships can be done through several stress reduction techniques that is easy to learn and adopt. Simply look at the problem from an outsider’s point of view; or take a look at the long-term repercussions; or remind each other why you were together in the first place, in order to alleviate the symptoms of stress in the relationship.

This will also help give you a better perspective of how to solve any stress problem you may have in the future.