Stress-Eliminate Holiday Stress

March 26, 2009 by  
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Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other holiday, people tend to experience more stress than usual. Although there may be a lot of pressures that can only come within a holiday season, this extra stress is really unnecessary.

Weather may be one cause of stress, by being uncomfortable and giving a hard time in getting around. This may seem like a minor factor, but over time, they could greatly encourage stress more and more.

Another form of stress that comes with the holidays is the urge and need to buy presents for others; this usually includes buying gifts for people you do not particularly like, but feel obligated to give something to. The stress accumulates mostly for those on a tight budget, though packed streets, crowded stores, and the lack of space to park are in themselves causes for stress.

All of the factors mentioned above are similar to everyday stress factors that people come across. Jobs usually come with deadlines that produce stress, for example, when people are faced with difficulties in meeting them. Physical problems, such as health factors, also produce a lot of stress. But the most common stress factor known to date usually has to do with money.

Holiday stress is very similar since people are then subjected to the same treatment. Stress usually stems from an unknown, unfixable conflict between “I can’t” and “I should”. So make sure you take care of these factors well during the holiday season.

The important thing to do is ask yourself if you really need to do something that causes stress. A lot of families opt to raffle family member’s names to buy gifts for each other, so there is no need to get multiple gifts for the holidays. With fewer obligations, stress is easily alleviated by having to spend less and worry less.

Other people opt to buy gifts and decorations way before the season itself starts. However, a lot of people find it hard to get into the spirit before the holidays. For those who have this problem, try online shopping or going places that are father away. Although this may take longer, it usually requires less searching and therefore less stress.

If you do not want to get ready that early, plan ahead, at least, to lower the stress. If you have a low budget, start saving way beforehand. Manage your money and let go of the unnecessary guilt of spending more or less. Remember that gifts should come from the heart and not because you feel you need to.

Being busy during the time of the holidays will make it more challenging and more difficult to get things done, and these challenges will just lead you to more stress. So stop getting yourself into complicated dilemmas and declare yourself independent from stress, even during the holidays.