Stress-Causes of Work Stress

March 25, 2009 by  
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‘Work stress’ can mean two things. One, it could refer to the stress that one experiences while working; and two, it could refer to the stress at work. Stress tends to work on people in unfortunate unpleasant ways.

Although there are two meanings to the phrase, they are actually related to each other. Going through work-initiated stress could result in harm to your stress health, both mentally and physically. Like with other problems, it is essential to look at the causes of stress to find a solution to deal with it in the long run.

There are thousands of possibilities related to job stress. Unrealistic deadlines to nearly impossible goals are some factors that cause stress to both managers and employees. Although fast-paced competition in businesses can be fun once in a while, not being able to reach the goals, such as sales improvement, work flow optimization and communication enhancement, they can be resented.

Additionally, there is always the uncooperative colleague and the unreasonable boss to worry about. Whether the company is small or large, there will always be people in charge who aren’t qualified to lead others with their disrespectful attitudes. Generally, they end up flattering their boss rather than improving their productivity and actually doing the job.

The unfair managers and misdirected greatly justify people’s responses when asked if they go through stress at work. A lot of people, however, have developed skills in obtaining stress relief.

Usually, working mothers in particular are very good at multi-tasking and managing times, as well as coming up with new solutions since they practice these skills at home daily. They are also more capable in settling disputes among people, who may either be right or wrong.

Men practice some things at home, as well, such as prioritizing resource expenditures, dealing with complaints, and deciding when is best to compromise and when is best to push.

The workplace, however, does not mirror these thinking skills and power when actually on the job. If anything, the goals come from above and debate is next to impossible. Those employed with such organizations with maximum obligations with no authority are guaranteed to suffer from stress.

The most common reason for stress at work is getting demands without the resources to achieve them. When someone is put in this conflict of “I can’t” and “I must”, stress is sure to result.

Thankfully, a lot of organizations have come to notice this and are even willing to change. If you are lucky, you currently belong in one and can say hello to stress reduction.