Treatments for Snoring Problem

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Sixty percent of men and thirty percent of women are known to snore. Seventy percent of the afflicted seem to have found relief from treatments for snoring problem. That is a very good percentage. It encourages one to explore the various treatments for snoring problem.

Before selecting a treatment for snoring problem, one needs to identify the reasons causing the person to snore. Snoring problems could be due to increased body weight, consumption of alcohol, consumption of heavy fat-rich meals, smoking, hereditary factors like jaw structure, sleeping position, etc. Selection of treatment for snoring problem should be based on the cause of snoring.

General treatments for snoring problem:

If snoring is caused due to excess weight then reducing weight is the strategy to be adopted. If it is because of alcohol consumption then reducing alcohol consumption is the treatment. One should abstain from smoking if that is causing one to snore. Some snore when their air passage is blocked or obstructed due to infection or inflammation. These people should take medications to remove these conditions.

Some snore only while they are sleeping on their backs. They could adopt simple remedial action like pinning up a sock with a hard small ball inside to the back portion of their pajama pants. This will make it uneasy for them to sleep on their back. They will immediately revert back to their sides whenever they turn on their back. Tilting the head side of the bed and not using pillows of large height has given relief to some snorers. The snoring of such snorers is dependent on their sleeping positions. Specially designed snore no more pillows can also be tried.

Non-surgical treatments for snoring problem:

Those who continue to snore despite the general treatments mentioned above need to try snore mouthpieces. Snore mouthpieces are also called snore aids or snoring aids. These are available over the medical counter. Dentists provide custom-made snore mouthpieces. These anti-snoring devices position the tongue and jaw in a way which controls snoring.

Anti-snore sprays lubricate the throat tissue for smooth air passage. Palate stiffening injections – snoreplasty, somnoplasty and carbon dioxide laser palatoplasty can also be tried.

Surgical treatments for snoring problem:

In some severe cases surgical procedure is the last resort. Snoring in a child can be treated with removal of tonsils and trimming of soft palate. In adults, adenoids can be removed, large collapsible air passages can be reduced, throat end of the tongue can be reduced, the hard palate can be shortened or even reconstruction of jaws and nose can be tried.

In some people snoring indicates that they suffer sleep apnoea. The problem of sleep apnoea is characterized by the patient having narrow air passages. He does not get enough oxygen and wakes up gasping for air and sweating a lot. Such people should not ignore this severe problem. They should immediately get checked and treated by a physician.

Snoring gives disturbed sleep. Take treatment to stop snoring. You need to have a sound sleep for good health.