Snoring Self Aid Tips

August 4, 2009 by  
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If the noise of your snore has kept you, your partner and your neighbor awake all night, then, you need to follow the below given self aid tips to stop snoring.

Change in Sleeping Position:

If sleeping on your back makes your snore, not sleeping on your back is the solution. Pillows which are designed for this purpose are available in the market. These pillows cause discomfort when you turn on your back. Another method is to pin a sock with a hard small ball in it onto the back portion of your pajama pants. Whenever you try to turn on your back, the small ball will hurt you and discourage you from sleeping on your back.

Change in Diet and Drinks:

Alcohol is a muscle relaxant. When you consume alcohol, the muscles and tissues of the airways relax and collapse the airways. Air moving through the narrow air ways causes the noisy snoring. It is known to make snoring worse. So it is advisable to avoid consumption of alcohol, especially a few hours before bedtime.

Some foods like dairy products, wheat and nuts are suspected to worsen snoring. These foods encourage formation of mucus in the airways. Mucus blocks the airways. Air tries to struggle through this block making you snore noisily. These apart there could be some individual triggers which cause snoring to worsen. One needs to identify such triggers and avoid them.

Avoiding certain foods should not negatively affect your general health. You need to find alternative foods for those foods which you avoid. You need to supplement your diet with these alternatives in order to consume balanced healthy food.

Reducing Body Weight:

Obesity is another major cause for snoring. Excess fat and weight around the neck constricts the airways. The obstructed airways make air passage through the airways difficult causing you to snore noisily.

Reducing body weight through exercises and dieting is the correct way to reduce obesity. Exercising and dieting would also give us peaceful sleep. But many of us do not like exercising and dieting. One needs to find interesting ways of exercising and dieting.

There are many ways of exercising like walking, jogging, swimming, playing games, etc. Some may prefer going to the gym and working out. While some may include some simple exercises in their daily routine like walking to the office instead of traveling by vehicle, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going to the shop and making purchases instead of shopping through internet.

Dieting is not abstaining from food but substituting food with alternate less calorific, less sugary and less fatty foods. Dieting combined with exercises give holistic health benefits and a good beauty regimen too.

You may follow these simple tips to give yourself, your family and your neighbors an undisturbed sleep.