Snoring Remedies and Snoring Cures

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There are many snoring remedies and snoring cures for snoring problems.

The cause for snoring is the main factor to be considered while choosing the cures and remedies for snoring problems. There are two main categories of causes which cause snoring. One category has causes on which we can exercise control, like, alcoholism, smoking, obesity, medicinal intakes, sleeping position, etc. The other category consists of hereditary factors, age, gender, medical ailments like allergies, asthma, etc., on which we have no control.

There is a simple snoring remedy for the snorer who snores only while on his back. He should attach a sock with a small hard ball inside to the back portion of his pajama pants. The hard ball makes it uneasy for him to sleep on his back.

For the snorer who snores soon after consuming alcohol, the snoring cure is to consume alcohol four hours before going to bed. Alcohol loosens up the throat muscles. This causes the throat muscles to slacken and close on the air passage. As a result snoring is caused. The muscle relaxing properties of medications like sleeping pills, pain killers, antihistamines are the same as that of alcohol. Hence they should be taken much before bed time.

Specially designed snore no more pillows can be used to hold the head in a position such that air passage is straight. This causes least snoring.

The obese snorer needs to lose weight to cure him of snoring. The excess fat around the neck obstructs the air passage of the throat. This causes snoring.

There are snorers on whom none of the above snoring remedies work. They may use anti-snoring devices like snoring aids, snore aids, snoring mouthpiece and snore guard. These anti-snoring devices hold the jaw and tongue in such a position that snoring is obstructed. Anti-snore sprays lubricate the air ways along the throat thereby allowing smooth air passage. This provides snoring relief. Nasal strips can be used to draw apart the nostrils. This procedure allows more air passage through the nostrils.

The above snoring aids are available across medical counters. The safety aspects and effectiveness of the products should be verified before use. One may go through medical journals, online articles and product reviews by the consumers of these snoring aids. At the same time one should not get unduly swayed by others verdict on these products. The effect of these products may differ from individual to individual.

When all the above suggested snoring remedies fail, one may try surgical procedure for jaw reconstruction, nose reconstruction, palate reconstruction, tonsils removal, adenoid removal, etc.

Devices like white noise generators reduce noise in the bedroom. These could be used by the snorer in his bedroom to give his partner undisturbed sleep. The partner of the snorer may use ear plugs to sleep undisturbed.