Snoring Controlling Exercises

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Snoring is caused by the air struggling to make its way through airways which are blocked and narrowed down. Snorers have to exercise their throat, tongue and jaws to snore not or snore less.

Airways are narrowed down because of flabby and floppy muscles and tissues in the throat. Exercising these organs will make the tissues and muscles of these organs stronger, taut, well toned and also widen the airways giving less chance for snoring to take place.

Given below are a few easy to follow exercises specific to snoring:

1. Very slowly open your mouth wide open and equally slowly close your mouth shut.
2. For five seconds hold you mouth as for blowing a kiss and then relax your mouth.
3. Smile wide for five seconds and then relax your mouth.
4. Bring your lips together tight for five seconds and then relax.
5. Bring your lips together as though you were going to sip through a straw. Make a noise similar to sipping.
6. Put your tongue straight out. Do not allow it to lift upwards or slant downwards. Hold the tongue this way for five seconds before relaxing.
7. Put your tongue straight out. Then move the tongue left and right alternatively to the maximum extent possible.
8. Bring your tongue out and right down to touch your chin.
9. Bring your tongue out and right above to touch the nose tip.
10. Put your tongue out. With a spoon try to push back the tongue into your mouth. Try to hold the tongue against the pressure exerted by the spoon.
11. Repeat the word ‘ma’ in quick succession uttering the sounds of both the alphabets.
12. You may try the same with the words ‘la’, ‘ka’, ‘kala’.
13. Call out aloud the vowels.
14. Push out your lower jaw ahead of your upper jaw. Maintain it that way for five seconds and then revert back.
15. Move your lower jaw side to side a few times.
16. One of the easiest exercises would be to sing a few minutes a day.

Any of these exercises or a combination of a few of these exercises may be repeated over a few minutes daily to control your snore. You may practice these along with your daily routine work. You need not dedicate a few minutes exclusively for these snoring controlling exercises.

With these snoring specific exercises, the muscles and tissues of your tongue, throat and jaw will not be flaccid. They will become strong, toned and firm. The airways will be cleared of any blocks. Air will move through the airways smoothly. You will have a sound sleep.

A simple exercise like humming your favorite tune will help you control snoring.