Snoring Can Ruin Relationships

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Statistics states that sixty percent of men and thirty percent of women snore. One can imagine how many spend sleepless nights. Snoring ruins marriages and relationships.
Snoring leaves the snorer as well as the snorer’s partner sleep deprived. They wake up the next morning, weary, even before the day has started. Weariness leads to physical sickness or mental exhaustion. Physical sickness renders a person unable to work effectively and efficiently. Mental exhaustion makes it impossible for a person to think or talk or act rationally.
Snoring spoils the relationship between marriage partners. Small issues start irritating the couple. They quarrel with each other all day long. Small problems grow and become unmanageable. Gradually over a period of time they reach a dead end in their relationship.
Some snorers get beaten and thrown out of the bedroom. This disturbs the sleep of both the partners. The partners sleep apart. First they lose physical intimacy. Later they lose mental closeness as well.
Those who sleep by themselves never come to know that they snore. They come to know of their snoring when a neighbour comes over to inform them of their snoring. If a person does not feel rested even after having slept for a good seven to eight hours then he can suspect he snores. He should get himself treated for his snoring problem else his relationship with his neighbours will be ruined.
Towards bridging the gap in the relationship the first step that the snorer can take is to find the underlying cause behind his snoring. And then find a way to treat the snoring problem or find a cure for snoring.
The major causes for snoring are obesity, smoking and drinking. Certain foods like dairy products aggravate snoring. Males are more likely to be snorers than women. Those above fifty years of age snore because of age related factors. One who snores only while on his back has mild anatomical reasons causing snoring. But one who snores in all sleeping positions has a severe problem.
If a person snores with his mouth closed, then the tongue is at fault. If he snores with his mouth open, then the throat tissue is at fault. The part of the respiratory system which is vibrating – the mouth, the throat or the nose, also helps find the cause of snoring.
Going to the physician is the second step that the snorer can take. The physician needs to be briefed on what causes snoring in him. Snoring is especially dangerous if it wakes up a person gasping for breath and sweating. It is a case of sleep apnoea where snoring is just a symptom.
Following on the guidelines of treatment suggested by the physician is the next step that the snorer can take.
A small matter like snoring should not be allowed to cause a break in your marriage or relationship. Get your snoring problem treated.