Snoring Aids – Put a Stop to Your Snoring With These Snoring Aids

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You love your partner, but despise him when he snores! Your beauty rest is getting closer to becoming nonexistent, no thanks to the ruckus your bed mate makes when snoozing. Want to save your relationship but get rid of the problem? Read on, because this article gives you a nifty tips and tricks on how to snuff out that snoring.

Snoring takes place when the flow of air in your nose and mouth gets blocked. The obstruction may be due to muscle tension, which misplaces your jaw. Weak throat muscles also narrows your air passage, making it difficult for the air to pass through. Other factors which hinder air flow are fat deposits in the throat (common among overweight persons) and an obstructed nasal pathway.

There are lots of products in the market offering snoring remedies. This article will be dealing with snoring aids which are used or worn externally.

1. External aids

a. Chin strap/jaw supporter
This anti-snoring device helps keep the mouth closed and the airway open. It also supports the jaw forward, a position that helps stop the tongue from falling forward and constricting the throat airways. This snoring aid promotes nasal breathing.

b. Chin cushion
As the name implies, the chin cushion sits under the chin. It keeps the mouth from falling open and stops the head from lolling forward when asleep. With the head up, the airways are more open. This makes breathing easier.

c. Chin-up strip
This sticky anti-snoring strip is worn under the mouth. It encourages the wearer to keep the mouth close. The item supports the lower lip, a position which promotes nasal breathing.

d. Medical tape
Extreme cases call for extreme measures. This method is cheap and effective, as it simply tapes the mouth shut. The mouth remains closed while sleeping. It also encourages the wearer to breath through the nose.

2. Nasal breathing aids

a. Nasal strips
These snore relief products are the most popular. They work by pulling the nasal passages open, making it easier for the wearer to breathe.

b. Nasal brace
This device is inserted internally into the nose. Like the nasal strips, it widens the nasal passages for smoother air flow.

c. Nasal clips
This snoring cure is used by attaching it directly to the nasal septum. It is believed to exert pressure on the trigeminal nerve, prompting the nasal passages to dilate.

d. Nasal decongestants
They simply clear the nose for comfortable nasal breathing.

3. Oral Products

a. Aveo TSD
The aveo tongue stabilizing device, or aveo TSD, holds the tongue forward by a gentle suction motion. This prevents the tongue from falling backward on the throat and stops the airway from being blocked.

This stands for continuous positive airway pressure. It is a snoring aid designed for obstructive sleep apnea. This prevents the airways from collapsing and is medically prescribed.

c. Mandibular advancement device
This snoring mouthpiece works like a sports mouth guard. It stops snoring by holding the mandible forward and keeping the jaw in place.

d. Snoring spray
This product claims to stop snoring by lubricating and tightening the throat muscles. The increase of muscle tone reduces the vibration created by air flow, thus reducing snoring.

With the many options you have, putting an end to your (or your partner’s) snoring problems will be a breeze. Of course, it is better to consult with your doctor or dentist before trying out any product.