Smoking and Drinking Increases Snoring

July 31, 2009 by  
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At times the solution to a problem is to make some change elsewhere. This may apply to snoring problem also. Snoring could be related to lifestyle problems like smoking and drinking. If snoring is causing problems then it makes sense to look into these lifestyle problems and take corrective measures.

Smoking can cause various health problems. Lung cancer is one such health problem. At times it can also prove to be fatal. People know this yet they continue to smoke. Smoking aggravates snoring. But who is listening? All that we listen to is the sounds of snore.

Cigarette smoke goes into the airways and disturbs the functioning of the respiratory system. The dust enters the lungs and causes breathing problems. It reduces the capacity of the lungs in uptake of oxygen thus depriving it of energy and rendering it ineffective and inefficient. The muscles and tissues of the area become lax and droop. The smoke also aggravates the formation of mucus lining the throat. This blocks the air passages. Blocking of air passages leads to increased snoring.

Smoking affects not only the person smoking but all those hanging around him voluntarily or involuntarily. Likewise, snoring affects not only the person snoring but also those who sleep with them. Snoring wakes him up. Snoring wakes up the others. Any conscientious person will ponder over this and stop smoking. He can think of curing himself of snoring and sleep peacefully. Those who sleep with him can also sleep undisturbed.

There is some evidence that shows that smoking and drinking causes snoring. Alcohol desensitizes the throat muscles and they involuntarily sag. As a result the blood vessels get dilated and swell. This constricts the air passage further causing snoring.

Some restrict alcohol intake to parties and celebrations. But some take alcohol with every meal. And some take alcohol before bed. Alcohol lulls one to sleep. But the sleep lasts only for a short while. Alcohol causes snoring and snoring disrupts sleep.

A person into one form of addiction is very susceptible to form other forms of addiction as well. This is probably due to his addictive personality. So a smoker is very likely to be an alcoholic as well. Smoking coupled with alcoholism increases the intensity of snoring.

It can be difficult for anyone to stop any addiction. The addicted person needs to have will power to overcome his addiction. The addicted person undergoes withdrawal symptoms which needs treatment. However, there are treatments and organizations that can help people to stop any type of addiction. These organizations educate the addicted on the causes and consequences of addiction. They guide him through the rehabilitation process.

Cure your snoring by stopping smoking and drinking only small and healthy quantities of alcohol.