Lose Your Snore by Losing Weight

July 30, 2009 by  
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When a person puts on weight his body dimensions increase. But the diameter of passages inside his body decreases. Specific to snoring problems, the neck muscles close in on the throat. This gives less room for air passage resulting in the person snoring. Obesity is the commonest cause for snoring problems. Therefore snoring can be overcome by losing weight.

Obesity is not a healthy sign. Obesity leads to cardiac problems, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and a long list of other ailments. Snoring also finds a place in this long list of ailments. Losing weight can help overcome snoring and also the long list of ailments. Losing weight seems to be an all-in-one cure for many ailments. This information should boost a person’s will to lose weight.

Anyone wanting to lose weight has two ways to lose weight. One way is through dietary changes and another way is through exercises. If a person finds dieting comfortable then he may concentrate more on dieting. If a person finds exercising comfortable then he may concentrate more on exercises.

Dieting and exercises both must be followed simultaneously. Dieting without exercises will leave flabby muscles in the body. Exercises without a good diet will leave the body deprived of food and energy. The body will end up working inefficiently.

Dieting needs to be undertaken under consultations with the physician. Snorers normally have other ailments which should be brought under consideration while working out a diet plan. Certain foods like dairy products are susceptible to cause snoring. Certain personal trigger foods cause snoring. These foods too should be identified. The physician should be briefed on such personal trigger foods.

Exercises too need to be done under supervision of a trained professional. One needs to start with low impact exercises for a short duration of time. The frequency and duration of exercise should be gradually increased. High impact exercises can be included once the body feels comfortable with low impact exercises.

One may even follow the simple aerobic exercises – walking, climbing, etc. Walk up to your office rather than using the car, bus or train. Climb up the stairs instead of using the elevator. Do some light house work, gardening, etc.

Exercising increases the metabolic rate of the body. This enables every cell of the body function effectively and efficiently. Including, the respiratory organs which are the chief organs causing snoring.

Exercising removes toxins from the body. Less of toxins in the body mean less infection and inflammation in the body systems. The throat is thus free of mucus and inflammation leaving the air passage wide and clear. As a result, the snorer will not suffer from air passage blockages.

Snoring affects the snorer and also the one who sleeps with the snorer. Both suffer disturbed sleep. The disturbed sleep leaves these two weary and irritable all day long. Their relationship with each other suffers. Their relationship with all others they come across during the day suffers.

Thus it becomes necessary to stop snoring for maintenance of physiological health and the maintenance of healthy relationships.