Change Diet to Stop Snoring

July 27, 2009 by  
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Diet seems to be the common factor for finding relief from many ailments. Change in diet can help stop snoring. Diet as a means of cure for snoring is easy and simple. It also provides for holistic health benefits.

Just twenty percent excess weight causes a person to snore. He needs to lose this weight as his snore fix. He needs to change his diet structure and adapt a low calorie one. This will bring down the extra weight that he carries.

Particular foods are known to trigger snoring in some people. Likewise particular foods are known to lessen snoring in another set of people. One needs to find one’s own triggers and moderators. Statistics state that dairy products often cause disturbed sleep.

A cup of warm milk is oddly recommended to put oneself to sleep. Milk puts one to sleep. But it wakes one up a few hours later. Milk or dairy products encourage production of mucus in the throat which blocks the air passage. This blocking of air passage causes a person to snore. Snoring often wakes up the snorer.

For a few weeks, one needs to test oneself by not taking dairy products before bed. If there is a relief from snoring then this can be taken as that person’s snoring relief. The person may switch over to alternatives to dairy products like soy milk or cow’s milk. Or the person may take dairy products only in the morning half of the day. The idea is for the dairy product to get digested and assimilated well before going to bed.

To help track down your triggers and moderators, maintain a diary of foods that you take, jot down the time of food intake and the record of snoring at nights. If you are able to zero down on any triggers then you need to stop consuming those foods. On the other hand if you find no correspondence between the food intake and snoring then it is time to consider other alternative snoring remedies.

Heavy meals consisting of foods rich in fats have the same effect as dairy products. One needs to avoid consuming this kind of meal especially before bed. One should not avoid fats altogether. Fats have an important role to play in digestion, assimilation and absorption of certain vital nutrients.

Before making dietary changes consult a dietician. The dietician needs to be informed about your snoring triggers. Only the trigger foods need to be adjusted. People who snore are often found to have other bodily ailments as well. The dietary changes you make should not affect your general health. It should conform to the diet prescription for other ailments, if any. Similarly it should conform to the medications that you take, if any.