The Myths of Cellulite

March 2, 2009 by  
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Cellulite isn’t a medical condition, but a non-medical term describing the bumps and puckers of skin caused by fat cells that are trapped under the skin’s connective tissues. Cellulite isn’t medically harmful and doesn’t cause any problems to health whatsoever. Cellulite isn’t only present in obese or overweight people, and some slim women can be affected by cellulite.

Today’s society values looks far more than personality and cellulite happens to lessen the value of looks. It is quite similar to other physical conditions of an individual like freckles, visible birthmarks, and acne. Because of this, people with cellulite suffer more mentally and emotionally.

Anyone can get rid of cellulite through different ways. Weight training and aerobic exercise may help keep tissues and muscles toned, and have the advantage of increasing circulation and providing areas with more oxygen to metabolize fat better into useful energy. Increased circulation also gets rid of the by-products of toxins, stopping them from getting stuck under the skin’s connective tissue.

Nutrition is always important for the body, and can also help to get rid of cellulite. A healthy diet rich in nutrients and water is important to get rid of cellulite and may cure it or prevent it from worsening.

A few products available in the market today try to help with cellulite reduction, but only a few are effective. Such as with other bodily conditions, a lot of sensitivities and individual circumstances have to be taken into consideration, as one product may work well on one person but not on another. Intense scientific tests have not been carried out since they are expensive and take far too much time. Plus, the results are mostly feared.

Those who are looking for cellulite treatment should take a close look at what a product has to offer on their labels – what are the ingredients and how can the product get rid of cellulite.