Causes of Cellulite

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More than eighty percent of women battle cellulite in very different ways, ranging from massages to diets and various cellulite creams. Due to the estrogen hormones present in women, cellulite is strictly a woman’s problem, and there are very few men who are affected by cellulite.

Various factors can cause cellulite. Experts say that cellulite appears at adolescence, since that is when the estrogen hormone starts incorporating fat into the body. This happens when cells become bigger in the sub-dermis, and can be seen mostly on the hips and thighs. Eventually, the lymph fluid accumulates through the tissues and fat cells harden into lumps as they are compressed, turning into cellulite.

This is not the only way cellulite can appear on the body, though. There are also several factors in one’s lifestyle that could cause cellulite, such as alcohol intake, lack of exercise, smoking, chemical preservatives, food additives, and excessive ingestion of fats sugars. Another factor is aging, which decreases the thickness and tone of the skin’s connective tissue, causing cellulite to appear faster.

Cellulite may also be caused by the way the strands of fibrous tissue is made up in women, which is different than that of men. A man’s fibrous skin tissue forms a perpendicular net. A woman’s fibrous tissue forms a net of X’s, which is tightly woven tighter, causing dimpling effects in the form of cellulite that cannot be found in men.

Studies show that the amount of obese people in the world rises every year in developed countries. In the United States of America, 35% of the population is obese, while in the United Kingdom, 20% of the population is; the same goes for most Western countries. Since the society is still growing, cellulite is sure to become even worse in overweight women and it will only get harder to get rid of cellulite.

Thin women do get cellulite, as well, but the problem is not as serious as in those who are overweight or obese. In order to get rid of cellulite, overweight women suffering would need to lose weight, eat sensibly and exercise daily. Cellulite will then start to improve and cellulite might even be banished completely.