Body Wraps to Get Rid of Cellulite

March 2, 2009 by  
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One way to get rid of cellulite is through body wrapping. A cellulite body wrap is made of rubber or plastic wraps or clothing that are worn around the thighs, hips, and waists, or even the entire body.

A lot of beauty salons nowadays offer cellulite body wrapping. It removes inches of cellulite from the thighs, hips, and waists. Since cellulite is mostly water-logged fat tissue, cellulite body wraps made from special material can make women lose inches in merely a few hours. This is ideal if you have someplace important to go and need to lose inches as soon as possible.

What is great about cellulite body wraps is that they can be done at home, simply by wearing the special cellulite body wraps while sleeping. Several cellulite body wrap types are available, some of which are inflated with air from a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer. Cellulite creams and cellulite lotions may also be used afterwards or directly on the body wrap.

Cellulite body wraps not only lets you lose inches, it also lets you lose pounds through the sweat the person loses. However, these reductions are only temporary until the fluids are replaced by drinking or eating. Removing these fluids from the body may also be harmful due to the dehydration that happens during the process.

If cellulite body wrapping is done gradually at a reputable spa, however, the results are astounding. These cellulite body wrap sessions may cost $40 or several thousands, depending on how good they are and how good you wish to look.

There are even several cellulite natural wraps that contain herbs. Herbs help with cellulite body wrapping by increasing the body’s circulation and soothing the skin. Cellulite body wrapping can be quite complex and even unpleasant since the released toxins may make you feel like you have a high temperature. This toxin release is due to the herb-infused wraps around the body. The toxins are then eliminated and the detoxification will get rid of cellulite in the body.

Other cellulite body wraps use mud, salt, or seaweed, which are very popular. The client is wrapped from the neck down to the toes with the arms pressed close to the body. It may be a little uncomfortable; if you are claustrophobic, it is best not to try this at all.

Regardless which cellulite body wrap you opt for, make sure that you are comfortable with the salon or spa that you choose. Also, make sure that the person doing the cellulite wrap is a professional and is always there to help. The choice of spa always makes a big difference, so ensure you do your research thoroughly before starting the cellulite body wraps.