Who Are More Prone To Acne?

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People, who have never needed to understand an acne problem, either for themselves, or for a friend or a child, are rare. Acne help may be required by anyone because acne does not differentiate on the basis of age, gender, race, or ethnicity.

Acne problem arises when skin pores get clogged with the extra skin oil trapped there, leading to a ruptured follicle and resultant bacterial infection in the area. And the extra skin oil generation is aided by hormones called androgens, which increase substantially during adolescence and later teens.

As it is extra hormone production that creates an atmosphere conducive to acne eruption, it is mainly pubescent boys and girls who become a victim to it. In girls, an acne problem is perceived around the age of 11, and in boys around the age of 13. Though boys tend to get it later, once they get it, the acne problem is more severe and persistent in boys, as their bodies produce more of the androgen hormones.

In USA about 85% of the people, comprising the teenage group and early twenties group, become victims of acne and are in need of acne control. And though many cases of acne are mild enough to respond to home remedies for acne or over the counter acne medication, about 40% of teenagers are in need of best acne treatment by a qualified professional.

During teenage, boys and girls have the same chance of developing an acne problem. But once they are young adults, acne is found to be more common among women than men. Acne is restricted to face in the case of most people. But it can spread to the back and neck areas as they are close to the face and then people become more in need of acne help.

Women who have an acne problem find it invariably connected to their monthly menstrual cycle as there is a direct connection between increased hormonal activity and acne growth. About 44% of women in their twenties and early thirties have a premenstrual acne problem. And studies show that the incidence of premenstrual acne problem is more among the age group above it, that is, women past 33.

Acne does not distinguish on the basis of age. Though it is definitely more prevalent among adolescents, even babies can have an acne problem. Baby acne disappears on its own, in less than 6 weeks. On the other hand, those who are on the wrong side of fifty can also get it, though in many cases this can be the after effect of drugs. The drugs that become the cause of acne are generally corticosteroids, lithium, and Phenobarbital.

And acne does not distinguish on the basis of race as well. Asians, Hispanics, Chinese, or Africans can have it, though an acne problem is found to be a little more common among Caucasians. Acne home remedies, natural acne remedies, over the counter acne medicines or best acne treatment from professionals may be required for all, based on the severity of the problem.