The Best Acne Treatment Ever

February 20, 2009 by  
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How to get rid of acne is a favorite topic among women. After all, women can be vain and besides, who would want their faces infested with acne anyway? Finding the best acne treatment is very difficult in these times especially if you go to a supermarket and all the products that you see on the shelves say that they are the best acne medicine available. There are simply dozens of products to choose from ranging from facial scrubs to ointments, moisturizers and astringents. But what is the best skin care product for acne?

Studies show that there is more than one reason one has acne. It could be because of stress, oily skin, genetics, bacteria and hormones. Browsing through internet for help on acne cure will show different products that claim to do this effortlessly. Apparently an ointment or cream that contains benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria which causes acne.

One downside to this medicine however is the drying up and sometimes reddening of the skin. Sometimes the medicines found in the Internet can be irritating so you have to be wary when choosing one. You can even try using home remedies for acne if you are scared of the end results of these products. However, if you have severe acne breakouts and already have acne scars, it is recommended that you go see a dermatologist.

A dermatologist is the best person to consult regarding acne matters. She will thoroughly check your skin and ask you some questions to pinpoint the actual cause of your acne. Don’t venture into skin care acne products that a doctor has not prescribed because it might end up damaging your skin instead of curing your acne. Some ingredients can be too harsh for your skin and since each one has a different skin type, a medication that works perfectly fine for your friend may not be so with your case.

Self-medication is a no-no especially if the matter is regarding your face. But there should be no worry because acne in itself is treatable. A common product that most dermatologist agree on to effectively cure acne is the Proactive skin care solution. This product is not only used for the face because it can also help cure back acne.

Usually, the Proactive solution consists of three parts. First, the renewing cleanser is used to clean the affected area. Then, toner is to be applied and then the repairing lotion. Although the routine of putting all these in the affected area can be time consuming and taxing, it is the only way you can become acne free. After a few weeks of undergoing treatment, you will notice your skin will clear up and smoothen. Improvement will be seen as the months go by.

Soon your family and friends will start to compliment on how clear your skin is and will wonder what type of acne skin care cosmetic you are using. If you have acne scars, then you can complement your regimen with an acne scar removal cream to permanently erase any evidences of acne. Truly, this can be the best acne treatment for you.