On Becoming Acne Free

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You’ve probably heard of the saying “It’s not easy to face a problem when the problem is your face” but didn’t really get to know how hard it actually is until you come to the point of actually having a face problem – that is acne.

Acne is most commonly seen in the teenage years when hormonal changes are in its peak. A lot of teens then get worried about their appearance and seek the help of dermatologists in the hope of having acne-free skin. In doing this, the reason why acne occurs will be explained clearly and proper medications can be prescribed.

People experience breakouts for a number of reasons. Acne can either be caused by stress, bacteria, hormonal imbalance, and even excessive oil production. People who have oily skin are very prone to having acne.

Teens are also very likely candidates because aside from their hormonal imbalances, they have the tendency to touch their face and pop their zits the moment they see one developing. However, this is the wrong way of dealing with acne.

Dermatologists strongly advise the pricking of zits because it can lead to acne scars later on in life. These scars are also very hard to get rid off once they are already present. Another stage when acne can be present is during pregnancy. Pregnancy acne is still due to the hormonal levels going haywire.

To make patients understand acne better, dermatologists will explain clearly the reasons why acne occurs. The skin is composed of various layers and the topmost layer is shed off from time to time for it to get renewed. Acne occurs when the dead skin comes in contact with bacteria and is not shed off in the process resulting to an inflammation people now know as acne.

Acne is also not limited to the face because it can manifest itself anywhere in the body. Another common site for acne is the back, thus the term back acne. This particular area is hard to cure because aside from it being hard to reach, it is also covered by clothes for most of the time and the skin needs to breathe to speed up the drying of acne.

So, how are you going to get rid of your acne? Actually, it does not take much. Just washing the area with mild soap will do. But if acne is already bad, your dermatologist might want you to try acne products that are effective.

One product that is recommended by dermatologist is the Proactive acne solution. This particular product deals with acne from its root by killing the bacteria which causes it, thus having a faster effect. Despite this fact, the product will not sting or make your skin irritated. Once the results are achieved, maintenance still has to be done because acne has the tendency to recur if your skin is not properly maintained.

If scars are present after the treatment, an acne scar removal cream can be used to reduce the appearance of these scars. Truly, being acne free is something that everyone should aim for.