How Much Can You Conceal Your Acne Problem?

June 11, 2009 by  
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Methods for acne control are available and work in most cases. There are safe and effective over the counter medicines for acne cure. There are prescription drugs, light treatment, and laser treatment, which are good acne remedies. There are also a few very effective acne cure lotions and solutions that you can buy online. With all these several possible ways to get rid of acne, there in no need for you to suffer from acne.

People, even those well past youth, simply love to look good and have a healthy, glowing and acne-free skin. Acne cure may be more necessary for women because gender stereotyping still continues to make appearance a yardstick by which she is evaluated.

Comedone is the general term used for referring to blackheads, which are open acne, and whiteheads, which are closed acne. So, those women who need acne help, should go in for makeup that is non-comedogenic. These may not be acne remedies, but it does affect some sort of acne control by hiding it.

Non-comedogenic make up is meant to reduce the clogging of pores that promote acne development. Then there are conealers available, specially designed to hide facial imperfections including marks, pimples, or acne scars. There are liquid conealers and solid concealers and the latter is better for acne help.

A good foundation will also be an acne help when used together with concelaer. Choose the color of the foundation and color of the conealer properly. Mismatched colors may sometimes make the acne more prominent and the acne control attempt might become counterproductive.

Foundation has the ability to soften the shadows and thereby becomes a great acne help by making the skin surface less reflective. It lessens the contrast with bumps and gives the face a more acne free appearance. The trick here is more or less the same that a photograph with a good lighting manages.

With proper foundation and a good concealer, substantial acne control can be achieved at least in appearance. A light coating of powder will give a finishing touch to the acne free appearance.

Men do not use makeup in daily life as women. So make up as a choice for acne help or acne control is limited to them. Nevertheless, there are some over the counter medications that contain some make up packages that help men also in concealing acne to a certain extent. Men’s make up is of a more subtle variety and will not be as conspicuous as that of women.

Once an acne problem has arisen, it is best to find acne remedies and get it treated, and Proactive acne treatment is one of the most effective treatments.