How Does An Acne Problem Start?

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Acne problem and the connected acne care are as much a cosmetic problem as a medical problem and so proactive acne treatment will be beneficial.

Near the base of the skin pores, also known as hair follicles, are small glands known as sebaceous glands. These secrete the skin oil, or sebum, necessary to keep the skin smooth and guarded.

Cells on the surface of the skin routinely die and are removed when the skin is washed. And the sebum from the sebaceous glands normally seeps out of the follicles and moisten the skin. An acne problem arises when this normal process is interrupted by the pores getting choked with oil and bacteria breeds on it, and the dead skin cells collect there.

The combination of dead cells, bacteria, and the white blood cells fighting it, result in the formation of white pimples. When these get inflamed, aggravating the acne problem, the lesions become pus-filled and are known as pustules. Some pimples are called blackheads because of their black color. It gets the color from a mixture of dead cells of the skin surface, and the sebum that is oxidized.

Other types of acne problems are variously known as milia, whiteheads, etc. Whiteheads appear when the skin does not get broken, but the lesions just push up, creating bumps on the skin. These do not have the characteristic black color of blackheads. Milia form when the dead skin cells do not get washed off perfectly as it should, but get trapped in pockets of skin. Milia are very common in infants, though people of all ages are susceptible to it.

These different types of acne problems, formed of open pores and closed pores, come under a general acne umbrella knows as ‘comedones.’

Other acne conditions that demand an acne cure are cysts, nodules, and papules. A papule is formed when the walls of a hair follicle bursts. These are small and may be flat-topped or may have a central depression. They are distinct from each other and do not contain pus. In the case of a nodule, the rupture is at the base of the follicle and not on the walls. An acne cyst is similar in appearance to a nodule, but is pus-filled.

The acne problem comprises of a wide range of conditions. Acne help will be easier to avail if you know what type your acne could possibly be. And for best acne care, you should ideally know how acne is formed so that it will be easier to find an acne proactive solution and know how to get rid of acne once it is formed.

There are a few specialized acne treatments that you can buy online – so you to can have a beautiful skin that is acne-free.