Genital Herpes Does Not End Your Life

February 20, 2009 by  
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Acquiring sexually-transmitted diseases such as genital herpes may seem to many a succumbing to the fallacy that the human soul is weak because this disease is almost always acquired when one gives in to indiscretions that make the individual vulnerable. However, little do we know that many people out there do become stronger when confronted with a disease like genital herpes. Not everyone who gets this disease deserves it though. Some of them are simply victims of their own erroneous judgment with their sexual relations.

Genital herpes is a variation of sexually-transmitted disease which does not have any existing cure, thus the infection recurs as time passes by. It is an affliction that is also highly contagious, thus the risk of spreading or contracting genital herpes is appalling. Considering the statistics of people who belong to this category, we should offer our support and understanding of their unfortunate situation, rather than persecuting them for something they already are paying a high price for.

While the manifestations of genital herpes may cause a person to change his way of life, it should not stop the individual from living his life the way he wanted to. Having contracted the disease should not cause people to give up their sex life or their relationships for this matter. There exists several ways to manage the disease by making efforts to protect you and your partner. For instance, you could reduce the tendency of acquiring genital herpes by the proper and consistent use of latex condoms.

Although treatment for STDs has been quite elusive to science, there are now antiviral medications that can reduce the risk of transmission. Further, abstaining from any sexual activity when symptoms of herpes are manifest could also help lessen the risk of contracting the disease. It is worth noting, however, that genital herpes could still be transmitted by persons who do not exhibit the symptoms of the disease or who may not even know that they have it.

For some people who do not have the disease but whose appetite for sex has been dampened by fear of contracting or spreading the same, the use of latex condoms could help ease the worries. Partners could also agree to submit themselves to blood testing to ensure that both come through the relationship with full disclosure.

In very rare cases though, newly-born babies could contract genital herpes upon delivery when the mother is infected and exhibits its symptoms at the time of delivery. However, this could still be prevented by opting for a caesarian delivery instead.

Surely, there are many various ways we could find out there to continue living a normal life despite having a disease like genital herpes. However, no amount of post-transmission measures could defeat prevention as an answer to this disease. An almost normal life still isn’t one that is normal. Thus, we should be responsible, not only for our own life, but also for the life of the people around us. Especially, those whom we love and care about.