Serious Back Pains – Ways to Relieve It

February 20, 2009 by  
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Generally, when we have back pains, what we usually do is run to the pharmacy to buy a couple of those pain relievers and take them as fast as we can. Some people opt for the more “natural” way and turn to hot or cold compress or even a massage for relief. But sometimes, when the pain gets more persistent and occurs for more than a couple of days, then maybe it is time to go to your doctor to seek medical advice and get the proper treatment.

Understanding the underlying reason for you back pain is very important. This information could lead to proper treatment and intervention for your condition. There are several reasons why back pains occur and each has a different kind of treatment. So read on and educate yourself on the possible treatments that you can undergo, depending on the type of condition that you are in.

1. Physical therapy
A physical therapy can come in various forms; from muscle stimulation, hot and cold compress and massage to target soft tissues and relieve lower back pain. Back pain exercises would usually consist of stretching exercises, movements to strengthen your back muscles and some aerobic conditioning. Physical therapy is more of a long term cure and prevention as well. As the pain disappears, patients are usually advised to continue the exercise at least once a day to keep back pains from coming back. Physical exercise is much recommended for chronic back pain treatment.

2. Epidural Steroid Injections
This kind of treatment delivers steroids to the epidural part of the vertebral column to help remove or “flush out” substances that may trigger the pain in the area. A steroid is an anti-inflammatory substance. Inflammation of the epidural spaces in one of the major components for back pains and eliminating this inflammation also eliminates the pain. Some injections also contain pain relievers that will be directly delivered to the area for immediate relief.

3. Surgery
A very few people need surgery for back pains. Even a herniated disc can be treated without having to go under the knife and is regarded as the last resort for treating back pains. Surgery is only necessary for pain caused by a compression of a nerve, a progressive muscle weakness or when the pain is already radiating to your legs hitting your sciatic nerve. A patient can go into different types of surgeries for back pain. It may require the insertion of a metal plate to your vertebral column, an artificial disk or a removal of a vertebral disk fro your spine. Trauma to your spine which causes a ruptured disc may also require surgery.

Although back pains are one of the most normal physical complaints, the pain itself may just be a sign of a more serious health condition. So if you experience pain for several days now or you experience limitations to your movement because of the pain, it is very important that you stop relying on medication and seek immediate medial help. The more you delay proper treatment, the worse your condition may become.