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If only one could clock back one’s life and start all over, Arthritis could probably have been avoided. Now that it is here visiting or to stay, it is in best interests to make friends with it. Orthopaedic doctor suggested medications do not suit everyone. They sometimes come trailing some side effects with them which, not all are able to cope with. Some are ineffective too.

A few alternative medications like massage based home remedies for Arthritis are:

A light massage of olive oil or castor oil, on the affected joint as a natural remedy for Arthritis is said to give relief.

Massage of hot vinegar before going to bed is another easy to follow home remedy for Arthritis.

A tablespoon of lightly warmed coconut oil or mustard oil in which a one centimetre cube of camphor is added is very effective when massaged on the affected area.

Even better would be to add one part of garlic, juniper, lavender, sage, thyme and rosemary to ten parts of olive oil and then massage. The additive oils with their medicinal properties make for an even better natural remedy for Arthritis.

Essentials oils juniper, cypress and lemon combine to give a boost to the blood circulation around the joints.

Lavender, rosemary and chamomile together provide an analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment for the aching joints.

Powder four pods of garlic and two grams of Sprague and heat the powder in 30 ml of mustard oil. This can be used as massage oil on painful joints. This is an excellent home remedy for Arthritis.

Another sure fire home remedy for Arthritis, is a concoction of 10 gm of camphor in 200 gm of mustard, closed tight in a bottle and warmed through indirect heat from sunlight. The oil is to be massaged over the affected area daily.

Hot and moist fenugreek seeds pack can be used on aching joints for relief.

The topical application of cayenne brings about a sweet tingling burning sensation to the aching joints. This is an easy to follow natural remedy for Arthritis.

A few alternative medications like bath based home remedies for Arthritis are:

Regular steam bath brings profound holistic health benefits to the subject. Contrary to this cold water bath should be avoided by them. Cold and damp environment are said to aggravate Arthritis. They constrict blood circulation. Similarly tight fitting garments and accessories are to be avoided by these patients.

A bath in sea or at least with sea salts, Epsom salts, is highly recommended. The iodine contained in sea water and sea salts get absorbed through the skin and correct the acid-alkaline imbalance in the body. Such a full bath at night before going to bed is a very effective natural remedy for Arthritis.

Bath water with hay flower is another natural remedy for Arthritis.

A strained infusion of yam seeds, celery seeds and willow leaves added to bath water is also helpful.

Five drops of angelica oil added to bath water controls spasms.

It is said of home that home is where the heart is. Home by itself is a home remedy for Arthritis. When you have a pharmacy at home, why step out?