Herbal Remedies for Arthritis

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Arthritis can be really difficult to treat. Some Arthritis suffers retain Arthritis pain despite medications and therapy. However, arthritic patients can now find solace in herbal remedies for Arthritis. The symptomatic conditions of the problem define the remedy to be administered. Ease of procuring and administering of the herbs is another deciding factor. A few herbal remedies for Arthritis are presented below:

Oral intake of a few grams of ginger daily is a good herbal remedy for Arthritis, especially Rheumatoid.

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties. If taken regularly it can keep Arthritis at bay. This is a simple and easy to follow herbal remedy for Arthritis.

A tablespoon of fenugreek seeds taken thrice a day daily is a preventive herbal remedy for Arthritis.

Juice of a lime diluted in a cup of water taken on empty stomach first thing in the morning is found to be very effective. The citric acid in lime dissolves the uric acid deposits around the joint afflicted with Arthritis.

Three four cups of tea made with a teaspoon of alfalfa seeds taken for a couple of weeks brings great relief to patients of Arthritis.

A teaspoon willow bark steeped in a cup of hot water for ten minutes and taken twice daily for ten days in another form of herbal remedies for Arthritis to reduce inflammation.

Thriving on just bananas, eight to nine a day, for three four days, is found to be one of the simple home remedies for Arthritis.

A tablespoon of green gram cooked with two pods of garlic in a cup of water taken twice a day brings good relief from joint pains.

Two teaspoons of warm castor oil mixed into a glass of orange juice if taken before breakfast and continued for three weeks brings relief if not cure to the afflicted. Alkaline diet is prescribed for the three weeks of treatment.

Taking Omega 3 fatty acid is another very beneficial home remedy for Arthritis. This explains why the coastal genre who thrive on fish are agile boned.

A teaspoon of black sesame seeds soaked in water overnight if taken first thing in the morning on empty stomach along with the water is a preventive measure and recurrence of Arthritis.

Potato juice diluted with equal portion of water on empty stomach first thing in the morning is a highly recommended natural remedy for Arthritis.

Equal portions of juices of a leafy green vegetable, red beetroot, carrot and celery, if mixed and taken, help clear up the mess of deposits around joints.

Fresh pineapple juice enables reducing of the inflammation around the affected joint.

Black cherry juice, a quarter cup a day, consumed regularly over a period of three to four months is said to being relief.

Turmeric, celery seeds, as a culinary additive will provide relief with its anti inflammatory properties.

Dandelion leaves help flush out the kidneys and bowels well. They also double up as a tonic for the functioning of the liver.

The herb Boswellia is a fine herbal remedy for Arthritis.

Drinking of water stored in copper vessels is found to be therapeutic to the muscles.