Arthritis invades your life

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It is morning. The bell of the alarm clock on the bedside table goes off. Tom wants to switch it off but is not able to move! He feels as though his spine is stuck to the bed. He twists and turns in great pain and with great difficulty gets off the bed. He has been an athletic jockey all his life. What could have gone wrong? Could it be Arthritis?

Dick is a writer. He is one who is at his creative best after a night’s sleep. He wants to finish off his part time work before leaving home for his full time job. Try as he may, he is not able to hold his pen. His fingers have frozen stiff. By the time he flexes his fingers free it is time to leave. Why do his fingers refuse to come under his command? Is it Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Often at the end of a hard days work as a packaging assistant, Harry’s elbows ache as though he has Arthritis. They subside the next morning. He came home yesterday with pain in his elbows. The whole night the pain kept increasing and by morning the elbow had swollen to double their normal size and had turned red. The pain had become unbearable by now. He is dialling the orthopaedic to check if he has Arthritis.

Anne is in her eighth month of pregnancy. The weight of the baby is telling on her back and especially her hip joints. If she sat she remained immobile in that position for long. And if she stood up after a lot of strain she dreaded sitting back again. Surely she couldn’t be having Arthritis at such a young age. She thought of inviting her mother over for a few days to help her out. She telephones her mother.

The mother of Anne, Marie, listened patiently and pathetically at her daughter’s rhetoric.
Marie is undergoing menopause. Her body has been behaving strangely of late. Her joints feel weak at times. She feels as though someone is bolting and unbolting her joints repeatedly. Mother and daughter decide to see the orthopaedic together. They doubt they have Arthritis.

Janet has been a saleswoman for as long as she can remember. She is looking forward to her retirement. She wonders if she will be able to withstand the chronic pain in her knees till then. All these years of standing on her feet for long hours had taken their toll on her knees. The doctor had diagnosed her to be suffering from Arthritis. She has been on medication for sometime now. The medicines are giving her nausea and constipation. She wonders if she is better off with Arthritis alone and not these three together. She needs to call on the doctor again for natural remedies for Arthritis.

Six calls land up simultaneously for appointment at the clinic of the orthopaedic who is known to be a specialist in Arthritis. All the callers complained of Arthritis like symptoms.