The Recurring Problem of hemorrhoids

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Many people suffer from chronic hemorrhoids that flare up from time to time. Fortunately, there are many cures and home remedies for hemorrhoids. Every remedy may not suit everyone, since the most effective hemorrhoids treatment depends on the type or severity of your hemorrhoids. For some people a combination of hemorrhoids treatments might have to be used to get some results.

Changing the dietary pattern

Your diet has a direct impact on preventing hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are seen to be more prevalent in people living in certain geographical areas and one of the reasons for this is believed to be their eating patterns. People of the western world, in general, are found to be more prone to this disease. Diet with a high fiber content is imperative for those who are prone to hemorrhoids.

High fiber content of the food you eat increases the volume of stools and softens the stools so that bowel movements become less strenuous. The overstraining that harder stool necessitates is one main reason for developing hemorrhoids. A diet of plenty of fruits and vegetables will ensure that a person gets enough of fibers, and it will at least partially solve the problem. Besides being high in fiber, the diet should be low in fat and in processed and refined foods.

Another thing that people who are prone to hemorrhoids can add to their diet is bulking agents. Bulking agents are foodstuffs that are mildly laxative in nature. These are mainly things like bran, which when contained in food, adds to the volume of the stools and make it easier to pass. Bulking agents are mainly non-digestible and their functionality as part of a diet is very similar to that of fiber in food. These are not as strong as the laxatives that you buy from a pharmacy, but are safe for daily use without the side effects of laxatives. Besides diet, other preventive measures for hemorrhoids are avoiding of continuous standing and lifting of weights.

Local application of medicines

Ointments can be locally applied to get hemorrhoids pain relief. These may not caue a complete cure for hemorrhoids but can substantially relieve hemorrhoids symptoms like itching, burning, and bleeding. There are some home remedies for hemorrhoids which soothe the area and there are over the counter medicines like Tucks, and herbal remedies like witch hazel, which are said to be effective in relieving the pain. Hydrocortisone is also used in topical therapy.

There are some special home remedies for hemorrhoids that you can buy online from reputable companies, so there is no need for you to put up with the misery and pain that can be caused by hemorrhoids.