The Different Remedies for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids, which are one of the most inconveniently located diseases, can cause a lot of anguish to those suffering from this condition. The painful and irritating disease robs the sufferer of a lot of mental peace. The peculiar nature and location of the disease, combined with its tendency for recurrence, put some difficulties in hemorrhoids treatment. However, hemorrhoids can be treated.

Due to the embarrassing nature of this condition, people try to use home remedies for hemorrhoids or over the counter medication for at least temporary relief. While hemorrhoids do respond to many of these, a person should have some basic knowledge on the workability of medications for hemorrhoids before attempting self-treatment.

There are definitely hemorrhoids treatment options that are safe and free of side effects. Some of these are quite effective. The effectiveness may sometimes depend on the type of hemorrhoids that a person has got.

One of the common home cures for hemorrhoids is an ointment for relief of pain made from specific herbs such as Calendula and St. John’s Wort. Both these herbs have anti-inflammatory properties. Five days of consistent application of this special ointment normally reduces hemorrhoids symptoms. To test the effectiveness of the medicine, five days of continuous application should be followed by two days of non-application. If there is no relief, or if there is a worsening of hemorrhoids symptoms, a doctor should be immediately consulted.

Though it is considered a safe cure for hemorrhoids, individual exceptions would always be there. If the herbal ointment turned out to be effective, it can be applied for another five days. The ointment can be freshly prepared for application, or a larger quantity can be mixed together and kept in the fridge. Refrigerating is only for making it last longer. The refrigerated ointment can be applied cold and it does not have to be brought back to room temperature for application.

Besides the home remedies for hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids patients are given ointments for application by doctors also. Hydrocortisone is very popular among doctors as an application ointment for hemorrhoids. Many cases of hemorrhoids, with symptoms like itching, burning, and irritation in the anal area, respond well to hydrocortisone ointments, substantially reducing discomfort within a few days of application.

One of the downsides of hydrocortisone is its side effects. These side effects are more or less hemorrhoids symptoms itself in that hydrocortisone causes increased itching and burning and a stinging sensation. While these symptoms could sometimes be side effects, it can also be a normal response of the body to the medicine. After the initial adjustment stage, these so called side effects may disappear on their own and the effects of the medication will be perceived.

Whether you are applying hydrocortisone, or using any home remedies for hemorrhoids, the area should be cleaned before application. The main difference between using an ointment made of natural herbs and using hydrocortisone is that while the former can be applied in abundance, the latter should be applied sparingly, as it is very potent. Each is, in its own way, effective as a hemorrhoids treatment.

The best home remedy for hemorrhoids treatment are special and natural lotions and creams that can be applied in the comfort and privacy of your home. These have been proven to be effective and convenient to use.