Remedies for Hemorrhoids

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There are home remedies for hemorrhoids and many over the counter medicines work well as cure for hemorrhoids. Relief from the persistent pain, burning, and bleeding that is part of hemorrhoids is an absolute requirement for anyone to carry on with his daily work and responsibilities.

Some of the better known remedies to which hemorrhoids respond are mineral oil and shark liver oil. These are available over the counter and give relief by shrinking hemorrhoids. Other medicines commonly used for hemorrhoids treatment are Preparation H, Formulation R, Prompt Relief, Hemorrhoidal, and Rectacaine. These are FDA approved medicines and easily available so that non-availability of medicines generally does not pose a problem in hemorrhoids treatment.

To provide relief from the pain and burning, these medications have to be inserted rectally. All of these hemorrhoids medications come with a cleaning wad and applicator and complete set of instructions. The area has to be cleaned first with tissue and medicine applied using the applicator. Some of the hemorrhoids medicines also have a lubricator with it. The lubricator is meant to minimize the pain that a medicine could cause.

The general procedure is to clean the area first, then apply the lubricating medicine, and then apply the hemorrhoids medication. These should ideally be done four times in a day. Mostly the instructions are clear, but if you are in any doubt, it is better to check with a doctor and clarify your doubts.

Almost all the hemorrhoids medicines give at least temporary relief from the nagging pain of hemorrhoids. Most of these application medications have no side effects as well, and are safe to use. However, in the case of those who have a chronic case of hemorrhoids, these simples hemorrhoids treatment may not be sufficient. When there is persistent bleeding and much pain, more focused treatment may become necessary. Further, there could be others who are allergic to some of these medicines.

While these over the counter medications for hemorrhoids treatment may not be effective in some cases, it may not be advisable in the case of others. For example, some of these application medicines for hemorrhoids are not recommended for pregnant women. There is the risk of these entering the blood streaming and thereby eventually being part of the breast milk as well. Besides that, those with medical histories of blood pressure, or a heart condition should also check with the doctor on the appropriateness of the use of any of these over the counter hemorrhoids medications.

The available home remedies for hemorrhoids and over the counter prescriptions may not give relief for everyone. In some cases the stage of the disease and the type of hemorrhoids may be one that warrants more focused treatment. You will have to consult a doctor for that. Besides topical medications, there are special techniques used for shrinking hemorrhoids and the doctor specialized in the field will be able to recommend one most suitable for you.