Main Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

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Diagnosis and prognosis of any disease is possible only on the basis of its symptoms. There are certain symptoms that trick doctors and patients as they could be the same for two differing types of diseases. Hemorrhoids symptoms are generally clear cut and so are less at risk of being wrongly diagnosed. Both external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids have some common symptoms, though there could be minor differences between the two as well.

The most common symptom of either type of hemorrhoids is bleeding. In the case of internal hemorrhoids this takes place internally and the patient may not become aware of it in the beginning. But the stool of those with internal hemorrhoids will be stained with blood. And internal bleeding often seeps out through the anus and stains the clothes or the sheet or the seat of the chair that the patient is using. To ascertain that the patient’s problem is hemorrhoids, doctors generally confirm whether there is any bleeding and then locate the source of the bleeding.

Internal hemorrhoids may sometimes get displaced from its original location. When an internal hemorrhoids starts protruding out of the anus, it is referred to as prolapsed hemorrhoids. It generally appears as a red mass of tissue outside the anus and maybe painless or painful, based on other attending circumstances. A prolapsed hemorrhoids may sometimes protrude only at the time of bowel movement.

When hemorrhoids are formed under the skin around the anus, it is known as external hemorrhoids. Sometimes blood gets pooled in external hemorrhoids and forms clots there. Then it is referred to as a thrombosed hemorrhoids. An external hemorrhoids also bleeds in most instances. And when blood clots are there, it is more painful.

There are certain hemorrhoids symptoms that become manifest only when movement occurs. As bowel movement involves some sort of straining in most cases, that is what often provokes a hemorrhoids and makes it more manifest and aggravates the problems connected with it. Cleaning the anal area, or rubbing it because of itching or irritation, can also aggravate hemorrhoids symptoms.

Much of the hemorrhoids symptoms become conspicuous because of the place where hemorrhoids are located. It is a very sensitive area. And the function of the area is such that it cannot be kept dry continuously. Because of it, hemorrhoids get provoked and irritated easily resulting in itching and burning and pain. Mucous produced at the area surrounding the hemorrhoids can also lead to irritation. The net result of all this is that in the case of hemorrhoids symptoms are interconnected and each one leads to more and more symptoms, spinning an unpleasant cycle.

In short, hemorrhoids symptoms are so conspicuous that it is unlikely that anybody would miss it. There could be other minor symptoms that can be traced to hemorrhoids but some of these could result from digestive problems as well. Rectal pain, bleeding, itching and burning in the anal area, are the main signs of hemorrhoids. When these symptoms are there, there is a very high possibility that you have got either internal or external hemorrhoids.