How to Treat External Hemorrhoid

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How to Treat External Hemorrhoid

External hemorrhoids are caused by increased pressure on the veins outside the anus, which causes the veins to swell. Both external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids can be painful, and quite discomforting with itching and burning sensations and bleeding.

There are medicines for local applications that have been found to be effective in the treatment of external hemorrhoids and many of these are available over the counter. But some of these medications have side effects.

One of the possible side effects of external hemorrhoids treatment is allergic reaction to the medicine. Since much of the hemorrhoids treatment is local application of creams and gels, it is easy for the skin to react negatively to some of these medicines. The skin in such private areas is more sensitive than the skin on the arm or leg. And if one has been having trouble with hemorrhoids for quite some time, it is possible that the skin surrounding the anus has become extra sensitive. So, the medicine may result in skin irritation in the area, and in short, the medication might turn out to be counterproductive.

Even where the skin is not extra sensitive, there could be other problems in the area like, say, an open wound. The medicine may react negatively with it. Further, the type of jelly like creams that are applied in the case of external hemorrhoids easily spreads to other body parts and may stain clothes. Application and body movements should be done carefully enough to avoid it.

Buying over the counter medicines, and managing self application, may sometimes work for external hemorrhoids. Still, it is best to consult a doctor to decide which is the best medicine, and which is the most advisable mode of treatment for hemorrhoids since there are different types of hemorrhoids treatment. A doctor will be able to give advice based on the patient’s medial history in relation to other diseases as well. Sometimes a hemorrhoids medication can react negatively with any prescription medicine that the patient might be taking for some other medical condition like depression or blood pressure. All these can be avoided by consulting a doctor.

If the symptoms of external hemorrhoids persist even after being under medication for a few days, it can lead to two inferences. Either the medicine is not effective to that particular condition, or there has been an allergic reaction to the medicine. It is better to stop the medicine under such circumstances and consult a physician before continuing with the treatment.

Ideally, a hemorrhoids treatment should show some sort of results, in the form of reduced burning or itching, within a week. If it does not, possibly the medicine is not working well at all. Or it could be that the allergic reaction is causing discomfort. Either way it is sure that the medication is not suitable. You have to then consult the doctor and seek the other options available for treatment for there are some more aggressive hemorrhoids treatments for getting rid of the discomforts of external hemorrhoids.