Hemorrhoids Cure during Pregnancy

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Though men are by and large found to be more prone to getting hemorrhoids, women become more prone to hemorrhoids when they are pregnant. The added pressure in the abdominal area, and the difficulty in bowel movements that some women experience during pregnancy, contribute to the situation. Once the symptoms point to the possibility of hemorrhoids, you should get immediate medical aid to minimize the pain and irritation that the disease causes.

A very high percentage of pregnant women, as high as fifty percent, could develop hemorrhoids. One redeeming fact is that these pregnancy hemorrhoids most often disappears once the pregnancy stage comes to an end. It is a condition directly related to the changes in the muscles in the abdominal area that happen during the carrying of the fetus, and the bowel movement patterns connected to it. As such, the hemorrhoids during pregnancy respond faster to treatment than some chronic conditions.

When a woman is carrying a baby in the womb, the added weight causes the veins in the lower part of the body to get dilated. Added to this, constipation is a problem that many women have to put up with during pregnancy. With the veins already dilated more than they need be, when a women is constipated as well, the veins react by getting swollen. These swollen veins are the hemorrhoids. There are prescribed and over the counter hemorrhoids treatments to control the problem.

Drinking water is perhaps the best hemorrhoids remedy. A minimum of eight glasses of water intake is mandatory during the pregnancy period for those who have hemorrhoids symptoms. Another requirement is a diet with high fiber content. Fruits, fresh vegetables, bran etc. are foods that provide a high fiber content for the body.

Good exercise is strongly recommended for a pregnant woman, even if there are no hemorrhoids symptoms. Kegel exercises are considered to be very good for women. This exercise consists of contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles that support the bowel, bladder, and uterus. Toning up of these muscles remedies many problems in the area, including hemorrhoids.

While Kegel exercises can be preventive as well as curative, there are also other home remedies for hemorrhoids that will minimize the problem. Pregnant women, especially those with hemorrhoids symptoms, should not sit or stand at a stretch for a long time. They should change posture with reasonable frequency and walk around a little, and even lie down in between to rest the muscles.

If you are pregnant and have hemorrhoids, avoid lifting weights, preferably even moderate ones. Applying of soothing agents like petroleum jelly or other creams will help to release irritation due to hemorrhoids and will help bowel movements. Whether you have hemorrhoids symptoms or not, make sure that you eat a diet that is rich in fiber and drink plenty of water.