Exercise and Hemorrhoids Prevention

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Hemorrhoids are not a life-threatening disease, but it can cause a lot of pain, discomfort and embarrassment. A swollen, inflamed or bleeding vein in the anal area, which in fact what hemorrhoids are, can cause a lot of pain. The embarrassment caused by this condition is bad, and the way it interferes with a routine bodily function such as going to the toilet for bowel movement is worse – especially if it is a bleeding hemorrhoids or thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids tend to affect older people, but today many people of all age groups suffer from this condition. Roughly one out of three Americans are found to suffer from hemorrhoids. Doctors sometimes suggest a genetic predisposition to developing the condition, though the genetic link is not fully established. However, physical inactivity is found to have a direct connection with developing hemorrhoids, that is, the more physical activity you have, the less your chances of getting hemorrhoids.

Since a direct correlation has been traced between getting hemorrhoids and remaining inactive, it can be inferred that having an active and fitness-oriented lifestyle can help to get rid of hemorrhoids or prevent them from developing. A well exercised and healthy body has the ability to prevent a wide range of diseases, including hemorrhoids. However, certain type of exercises are said to be specifically helpful in preventing this painful and embarrassing condition.

Having good muscle tone is a key aid in hemorrhoids-prevention. People with muscles that are supple and firm are by and large found to be less prone to hemorrhoids than those with bad muscle tone. Many of the exercises of fitness enthusiasts like walking, jogging, aerobics, swimming, or yoga, are effective in controlling hemorrhoids. To have good effect, these should be done consistently. Most of the exercises that strengthen the muscles of the abdominal area, muscles of the buttocks, and sphincter muscles will have a positive effect in preventing and lessening hemorrhoids.

‘Buttocks press’ exercise is one strongly recommended for fighting hemorrhoids. It consists of just tightening the buttock muscles for several seconds and then releasing it and doing this repeatedly. There is no time and place restriction for doing this exercise and you can practically do it even if you are sitting in your cubicle in your office, or driving home, or watching TV. This exercise strengthens the sphincter muscles of anus, which is the place most prone to hemorrhoids.

On the dietary side, the biggest hemorrhoids-prevention aid is fluid intake. Fluid intake should be ample, and body should be allowed to have plenty of water before starting exercises and after finishing exercises. Eating fiber-rich food can also help to get rid of hemorrhoids medication and taking plenty of fruits and vegetables would ensure that your food is rich in fiber. There are many home remedies for hemorrhoids that you can also use in the comfort and privacy of your home.