Preventing Migraine the Natural Way

May 23, 2009 by  
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Migraine is common condition that affects many people. There are many simple and natural ways to getting rid of migraines, or at least lessening their occurence and pain.

• Getting the necessary amount of sleep is an effective way of preventing migraine headaches, since sleep rests and relaxes the body. If, added to this, body is kept fit and healthy, it will further minimize the chances of getting headaches and migraines. Another preventive mechanism is taking melatonin, which is a body substance that aids in good sleep and also functions as a pain inhibitor. Depletion of this can increase the chances of migraine. Taking it in the form of dietary supplements can help.

• Aromatherapy is another migraine prevention aid. Night bath with aromatherapy essential oils will relax the entire body and tone up the muscles and give a person a good night’s sleep and thereby reduce the chances of headaches and migraines. Aromatherapy is a holistic form of treatment. As such when one body part is rested and toned, its effect will be seen in other body parts also.

• Smoking and drinking habits can trigger migraine headaches at the slightest provocation. So these have to be controlled. Foodstuffs that are migraine friendly are chocolates and nuts and can be avoided by those who have a tendency to have migraine headaches easily. Other things that could cause headaches are stress, tension, anxiety etc. These may not be completely avoidable, but they invariably give rise to headaches and migraines in those who are prone to it and might create a vicious circle of one leading to the other and then back again.

• Never let the body dehydrate. This can easily trigger a migraine headache. Exposure to the sun is another factor that can easily lead to headaches and migraines. Those who are prone to migraine should preferably avoid getting exposed to the sun, especially in summer. And where the situation is unavoidable, he or she should be amply protected by hat or cap or umbrella to ward off the sun’s rays and thus ward off a migraine attack.

None of these preventive mechanisms are absolute guarantee that you can entirely ward off future migraine attacks. But they could reduce the frequency of migraine headaches. Providing the body with the necessary amount of relaxation, and keeping off substances that could lead to migraine headaches, can reduce the chances of getting a migraine attack. And if a person can rest or relax or take some migraine medication as soon as he gets the warning bells, the intensity and duration of a migraine attack can be lessened.

Natural preventive mechanisms can definitely help in reducing the chances of getting migraine headaches. However, even for taking a supplement like melatonin, a physician should be consulted. There is every possibility that it could reduce the incidence of migraine problems, but that could not be at the cost of creating other health problems.