How to Get Migraine Relief the Natural Way

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Many of us might have been victims of a maddening migraine headache now and then. Or, we might have seen a friend of a kin suffering from a tension headache. Causes of headaches are galore and headache remedies are a dime dozen. Most people do pop up a pill now and then for relief from migraine headache, for in the daily marathons round work and home, people are not left with much choice. Most of the headache remedies have bad side effects, and these have been noted for quite some time. However, of late, media has given a lot of publicity to the side effects of headache remedies and this has re-established the importance of the holistic approach to treating migraine headaches. The holistic solution to migraine is easy to remember if one opts to remember it as ABC of migraine relief.

• A is for acupuncture. Acupuncture is a tested and proven therapeutic system the practice of which has spanned millenniums. It is now being used extensively for migraine relief. An acupuncture needle pricks to open up clogged areas of blood vessels or nerves, which are believed to interfere with the free flow of energy. Lots of people suffering from migraine headaches have got relief by resorting to acupuncture. Acupuncture is most effective if you can submit yourself to it when you get warnings of an impending migraine headache. However, even after headache sets in, getting a shot can lessen the intensity and duration.

• B is for biofeedback. Biofeedback is an alternative system of medicine that measures a patient’s body details like blood pressure, pulse, or muscle tension, and conveys these to him. The awareness of body functions that is thus created is believed to help him to control these physical processes. Many of the problems that connect body and mind like stress, tension, panic, or nervousness can be controlled by biofeedback. The system works well for getting relief from migraine headaches, since it is often induced by stress. The patient is made aware of what created migraine in the first place, and will thus be able to control it.

• C is for the importance of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is believed to help control migraine headaches. Sometimes tension headaches are triggered by some body imbalances which vitamin C can neutralize. At other times vitamin C may increase the secretion of some hormones that can help in fighting migraine headaches. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C or it can be taken as a nutritional supplement.

Though the ABC rule of migraine treatment is normally free of side effects, it is always best to consult a physician before starting it. Body constitution of each individual is unique and there could be things in a person that could work against any of these treatments, however effective they may be in migraine relief.

Holistic approach to treatment, and most alternative systems of medicine, emphasize on treating the body as a whole, whether it is to cure migraine headaches or other ailments. So it could be best to take the counsel of an osteopathic physician, since they place a lot of emphasis on maintaining normal body mechanics. In the complete body approach that they follow, it might be easier to find headache remedies and better migraine relief and migraine help.
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