Stress as a Reason for Hair Loss

May 28, 2009 by  
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Causes of hair loss are myriad. Hair loss could be due to genetic factors, infections, or it could be a natural corollary of aging. However, an equally strong cause of hair loss is stress. Consider a case where a person has a hair loss problem, and there is no family history for the condition, and there was no recent bout of illnesses, or possibility of an infection. Then there is every possibility that his cause of hair loss is mental stress. Stress can lead to many physical problems, and hair loss is just one of it. Knowing the cause of hair loss is important to be able to find a remedy to it.

Reasons for stress are also myriad. Stress could result from difficulties in workplace like problems with colleagues or unsatisfactory job performance. Stress could also result from financial problems or family problems. Where stress is persistent, it tends to change the overall equation of the human body. It would start affecting many bodily functions negatively and hair loss would be one of them.

When there is more stress than the human system can take, it results in hormonal imbalance. Extra hormone is produced to cope with mind’s tensions and some of these escape to the scalp as well. These extra hormones interfere with the normal cycle of hair growth and leads to hair loss. Hair loss resulting from stress does not become obvious immediately. It will take about three or four months to find the results of hair loss in the form of thinned hair, or bald patches.

Hair loss due to stress can be remedied by removal of the cause of stress. Hair loss problem due to stress at the workplace would be solved once the workplace imbroglio disentangles itself in the normal course of events. And hair loss solution for stress due to family and financial problems are solving those problems to the extent that they are solvable. Hormones would then find its normal level and the scalp would then receive its necessary quota of nutrients and repair itself.

The best hair loss solution for hair loss due to stress is relaxation. A little unwinding is necessary for people in every walk of life and every profession. Try to keep apart a little time for it every day. Other forms of relaxation that will contribute to reversing a hair loss problem are meditation, certain yoga exercise, breathing exercises etc.

If your diet was not a balanced one, you can try changing that. This will correct body’s imbalances and would rectify the hair loss problem. If the problem that is causing stress is of a more serious nature, you will have to seek counseling or help from support groups to ensure that it does not lead to serious physical concerns including hair loss.

If a person has hair loss problems, when other reasons are ruled out, stress can be decided with reasonably surety to be his cause of hair loss. However, if a person is under enough of emotional problems of the type which is likely to make stress his constant companion, he should preferably first rule out stress as a cause of hair loss before considering the possibility of anything else as a reason for hair loss.