Some Causes of Hair Loss in Women

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Female pattern hair loss is not be as prevalent as male pattern hair loss, but there are women who do suffer from hair loss. And the psychological impact of female hair loss is generally more than that of male pattern hair loss because hair, for a woman, is almost a gender identity, and something that could make her desirous for a partner. The apparent lesser prevalence of hair loss problem among women is also due to better concealment of it.

One of the main reasons for hair loss among women is hormonal imbalance. Estrogen, the primary female hormone controls quite a lot of women’s body activities. When estrogen production depletes, due to age or other problems, if affects other organs, including the scalp and hair follicles. This contributes to hair loss and is found to be a very common cause of hair loss among women.

Inheritance factors are another cause of hair loss among women. The same way genes transmit many of the parental characters to children, a tendency related to hair thinning is also believed to be carried down by genes through generations. Where the tendency for hair loss is genetically transmitted, it is less obvious when children are young. But when the body ages, and protein deficiencies become more manifest, hair loss problem also gets aggravated.

Nutritional imbalance is another cause of hair loss in women, even though this can be the basis of male pattern hair loss as well. A diet that is not properly balanced, even one with too much of protein in it, can promote hair loss. Then certain bouts of illnesses, like a jaundice or typhoid, which may result in a running fever, or confine her to bed in other ways, is enough to result in a bout of hair loss in women, though in most of these cases the hair loss problem would be reversed sooner or later. Relocation to another place, where the bath water could be more chlorinated, or may belong to a source different from the one her hair has been used to, is enough to trigger a hair loss situation in women.

Some of the present day hair styling like hair coloring or setting are said to promote hair loss in women. However, these are not fully substantiated, since these affect only the outer hair itself, and not the points of its origin. At the most, it may cause hair care to be less effective, but are unlikely to lead to hair loss.

There are lots of hair loss treatments available for women who have a hair loss problem. There are herbs for hair loss, which can be used on the scalp, with or without carrier oils. There are hair loss treatment clinics, which deal exclusively with hair loss problems. Most alternative systems of medicine have unique hair loss remedies. Above all, there are solidarity groups of women with hair loss problems, where the problem of hair loss is analyzed in depth, and hair loss remedies sought, based on the cause of hair loss in individual cases.