Diabetes: Natural vs Synthetic Cures

February 20, 2009 by  
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Diabetes is fast becoming one of the most deadly diseases today. As the years go by, more and more people are plagued by this disease due to poor diet and exercise. This disease is also hereditary and one’s chances of becoming a diabetic increases if it is coupled with a high sugar and high carbohydrate diet.

Diabetes can be considered as a disease which is affected by one’s genes – that is, if you are part of a family of diabetics, you are most likely to develop it if you are not careful with what you eat. People who are a part of a family of diabetics are encouraged to eat healthy always to lessen the instance of becoming a diabetic. Even if your sugar levels are fine as of the present, you have to help yourself so that you won’t end up developing this condition.

Soda and chocolate intake has to be lessened to avoid being a diabetic. Carbohydrates in meals should also be lessened because it is converted into sugar to provide energy for the body and without exercise, an excess of carbohydrates can make a person overweight. Further, an increase in sugar levels is also observed with inactivity. Thus, it is very important to eat right and exercise to avoid becoming a diabetic. Aside from this, home remedies for diabetes can also be taken so that blood sugar levels are lowered.

Natural cures for diabetes are slowly becoming popular nowadays since people do not want to buy medicines to lower their sugar levels. Herbal remedies for diabetes gained popularity since prescription drugs are very expensive and can damage parts of the human body after prolonged use. With natural and home remedies, they not only promote your health, they are also reasonably priced and will not cause any damage in your system since they are natural cures. These natural cures for diabetes can also be taken together with prescription drugs and will not alter the effect of the medicine in any way. Some of these herbal medicines even claim to strengthen one’s immune system and improve the absorption of the drugs being administered to patients.

One should not refrain from taking medicines prescribed by their doctors despite taking natural remedies for diabetes because these drugs can improve your health and will allow you to live a longer and healthier life especially if you are a diabetic who is already taking insulin shots to control your diabetes. Natural remedies help improve your condition but you should not rely on them only. These natural concoctions can only do so much to improve your condition.

Also, discuss with your physician if it would be alright for you to take natural cures for diabetes so that he is aware of what you are taking and will guide you accordingly so that your condition will improve and not worsen in the long run. After all, health is wealth and diabetes is not an easy path to trudge along. So consider these things and think of yourself before it’s too late.