Symptoms of Depression: When Should You Seek Help

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Clinical depression is a disorder characterizing an individual’s persistent and abnormal low moods and their loss in interest for socializing and in participating in normal things that would usually bring pleasure. Depression is an extremely lonely condition. That is why majority of the people who are affected with the condition will either not know that they are in depression or is in denial of the fact.

One important information on depression is that this can be an embarrassing condition for some. Depression when gone untreated can greatly affect a person’s life; his work and his relationship with other people. Most patients who have been experiencing depression are only diagnosed by the help of their families. When the people you love notice a different, low behavior from you and would seek medical help in your behalf. Some would actually report this experience themselves which is actually better since the person has already owned the condition and is more open to treatment and therapy.

There are several symptoms of depression will serve as warning signs for you. Read on and learn each symptom so that you will be able to detect this condition if ever you are faced with it in the future.

1. A depressed person may feel low and unable to take pleasure in things that he of she normally enjoys.
2. People experiencing this condition tend to be always preoccupied with feelings of guilt and self-worthlessness
3. Poor concentration coupled with memory gaps
People with depression will have unusual memory gaps and have difficulty in concentrating on a single activity. They always seem restless and anxious.
4. They slowly withdraw from social gathering and functions that he or she normally attends.
People with depression do not enjoy the company of other people, most of the time, even shutting out the people that they love from their lives.
5. They have difficulty in sleeping (insomnia)
People going through depression may sometimes become so preoccupied about something that once they wake up, it would be impossible for them to go back to sleep again.
6. There is loss of appetite resulting to very rapid weight loss, and sometimes, for other patients, rapid weight gain instead.
7. Some people experience physical complaints such as headache, indigestion and fatigue
8. In very severe cases, patients with depression can experience hallucinations and psychosis

So, always be on the lookout for these signs of depression, whether for yourself or for the people you love. The late diagnosis for depression is mostly due to misinterpretation of the symptoms as mere mood swings or tantrums. But the alarming fact is that majority of people that are going through depression have suicidal tendencies. That is why it is very, very important that this condition should be detected as soon as possible.

Educate yourself and get all the information on depression. And for those who have loved ones that have been diagnosed with the condition, never lose hope. There are now numerous therapies out there that you can try; from psychotherapy to natural depression remedies. Support groups have also been established to help patient go through this very lonely stage of their lives