Home Treatments for Irritable Bowel Syndrom

March 2, 2009 by  
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The first thing doctors do when you mention irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is list a variety of medications you should take to control it. However, if you aren’t fond of taking medicine everyday, you may need other types of therapy. You can control your IBS and make your own decisions on how to treat it. The best thing is that whether you are medicated or not, there are things you can do from home to relieve your irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

If you are more comfortable with alternative medicine or natural treatment, then hypnosis may be the cure for your irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. There are three kinds of people when dealing with hypnosis: those who don’t believe in it, those who love it, and those who have never even tried it. Once you try hypnosis, you may be quite surprised at its positive effects on both your body and mind, including your IBS.

Hypnosis relates to irritable bowel syndrome through the person’s personal stress level. When hypnosis is effective in reducing a person’s overall stress, those with IBS also tend to see less irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Basically, hypnotists are capable of putting you into a deep relaxed state that will bring about positive thoughts on your health.

This can even be practiced at home. You just need to learn about self-hypnotherapy while at home or during professional hypnosis treatments. It is quite similar to deep meditation. If you put time aside to work on both your mind and your body, you will relieve stress and be able to cope with your IBS.

Irritable bowel syndrome treatment also relates to adequate sleep. Research has shown that those who suffer from IBS and don’t get their eight hours of sleep have more irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Therefore, this type of treatment is really cheap, though you have to set aside a schedule for it. Just try to get into bed half an hour earlier than usual every nigh and soon you’ll be getting the eight hours you need to treat that IBS.

If you have tried yoga before, you will know why a lot of people are into it. Not only does it keep you in shape, but it also helps you clear your mind of stress and let you relax. It also happens to be very effective in aiding irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Yoga deals with both the mind and the body, which is what those who suffer from IBS should focus on. A lot of positions in yoga are designed for better overall digestion and to ease irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Yoga can easily be done at home and you can even get a DVD with basic yoga moves to help you get started.