Boosting Up Gut Health – A Basic Guide to Probiotics

February 20, 2009 by  
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With the busy lifestyle we are practicing now, it is inevitable that we usually eat unhealthy food products. Add a little bit of overnight alcohol sessions, stress and lack of proper exercise, on that one and we end up having a badly shaped gut health. Yeah, that’s right – our gastrointestinal system suffers for these. Fast food products may pack some energy to boost us for the day but these food products also contain a lot of preservatives and other undesirable compounds. In due time with our current lifestyle, these will cause the development of toxins in our gut health.

In normal settings, our intestines contain millions of bacteria. These are both good and bad bacteria. On default, the good bacteria overrun the bad bacteria. This setting helps our immune system and other body systems to function well. We are able to put up a formidable defense system to resist possible infections because our immune system is boosted up by our good bacteria in our gut health. But due to our currently bad gut health diet, sometimes bad bacteria overgrow the good ones.

And so, this would result in a great imbalance. When this imbalance occurs, our gut health is being sacrificed causing a chain reaction within our other bodily systems. We tend to have low resistance to common diseases, and we get sick easily. Because of such, we must therefore fortify and maintain a good gut health.

Regular intake of a balanced diet coupled with some nutritious green vegetables can help maintain a robust gut health. Some gut health healing food also include yogurt. However, this is not entirely enough since we are not able to maintain intake of nutritious food all the time. Overtime, toxins still find their way into our intestines because of environmental factors. And so, this is where gut health supplements called Probiotics come in.

A great example of this one is RPN Gut Health; this probiotic contains floral bacteria that settle in the large and small intestines. These bacteria will help maintain and conserve the balance within our gut health. With this health aide on our side, our gut health will be healthier than ever – enough to fight the imbalance in our system. RPN Gut Health contains a superior good bacteria strain of Lactobacillus casei which are called KE99. Aside from the stated functions, this probiotic eliminates protein related gastrointestinal distress (gas).

It also improves intestinal membranes – giving exemplary efficiency of digestion within our intestines. Another unique feature of this probiotic is that it hinders pathogens which are the causes of some diseases. RPN Gut Health also aids in the prevention of bowel irritation. And further more, this also reduces Nitrogen excretion thus increasing the absorption of protein within our body. These functions make this probiotic very vital in maintaining the balance within our gut health.

With the knowledge garnered above, we can truly say that the key to a good gut health is through maintaining the ever tenacious balance of the ratio of good and bad bacteria. So if you want to have a formidable resistance against diseases, always remember that your gut health does a good number of protecting it.