Constipation Treatment

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Constipation is a big problem for a lot of people who wake up every day wanting to move their bowels but just end up frustrated. There are, however, various ways to address this digestive problem without resorting to medications. All it takes is just a simple change in lifestyle and eating habits. After that, all else should fall in the right places.

One of the many home remedies for constipation is resorting to a fruit diet. Countless fruits helpful in giving that desired constipation relief. With the exception of banana and jackfruit, all fruits are sure cures for constipation. Among the most effective ones are bael, guava, pear, orange, papaya and spinach. Sixty grams of bael fruit sweeps out the intestines even of those old stuck up faecal substances. One or two guavas a day provide the much needed fiber in the diet.

Chronic constipation, more specifically, could be dealt with a medium-sized pear after dinner. Food residues that usually settle in the colon are gone with just two oranges, one after dinner and another for breakfast. Papaya for breakfast would also provide the much needed laxative for the stomach. Last but not the least, an organic and tested recipe to help with constipation by cleaning and reconstructing the tracts of the intestines is that which contains raw spinach. These fruit regimens, when continued for a month or two should bring back the digestive system to its good old self.

Other effective constipation remedies that could be observed regularly at home includes drinking hot water squeezed with lime or a teaspoon of linseed after meal for enough lubrication in the stomach and intestines.

Some changes in the diet might also prove to be helpful natural remedies for constipation. Keeping the diet natural and simple is easy when it is stuffed with cereals and wheat meals along with some fruits on the side. Foods that cause constipation that should be avoided include sweets, rice, bread, cakes and pastries, cheesy and oily foods, as well as products consisting of white flour. However, curing constipation does not stop at eating the right food. It extends to chewing and enjoying your meal at regular hours of the day.

Eating properly should always be coupled with exercising regularly, preferably at least two times a week. Outdoor sports such as jogging, swimming, tennis, or simply walking for a few hours would surely help eradicate the symptoms of constipation by strengthening the muscles of the body

It should be put in mind though that when confronted with severe constipation, one should avoid straining your body to let it out of your system because it is likely to cause bleeding, hemorrhoids and anal fissures. What is even worse, some people especially the elderly strain themselves too much to the point of raising their blood pressures and causing the situation to aggravate or puts them at the risk of getting heart failures in the toilet.

Thus, when constipation reaches intolerable heights, one should not hesitate to go to a doctor because ignoring it would not solve the problem at all.