Ways of Knowing Your Bad Breath

July 26, 2009 by  
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All of us have had bad breath at least once in our life time. The first indication that you have bad breath is when you speak to someone and he or she takes a step backwards. You need to get to know of your bad breath as soon as it occurs. You need to get treated for bad breath as soon as you come to know of your bad breath. This way you will be saved from embarrassment.

It is not easy to get to know the foul smell in our mouth on our own. Since our nasal organs get used to the smell it does not let us know. But others sensory organs pick up the foul smell because they are not used to our bad breath. Even our sensory organs pick up the foul smell of bad breath in others.

When people offer you mouth refreshers you can presume you have bad breath. As soon as you get back home you can do a few checks for bad breath.

Check your tongue first. Clean it with a tongue cleaner. Make sure there is no white colored coating over the tongue. If your mouth smells foul then go to the next method. Chew on a small chewing gum in your mouth, take it out and smell it. If you can smell a foul smell then you do have a bad breath.

There are much easier ways to know if your breath smells foul. Cup both your hands together, take it close to your mouth and then breathe out. If you feel there is bad smell then try again. If you still feel you are not comfortable with your breath then you do have bad breath problem. The best way to confirm is to breath-out onto a mirror and breath-in. You have bad breath if you are breathing in foul smell.

The problem may be a temporary one caused by intake of certain foods. If you take onion, garlic, tea or coffee you are sure to have a bad breath soon after consuming such foods. Smoking and alcohol consumption also leave a bad breath. The ingredients found in these tend to give a foul smell to your mouth. In Asian countries betel leaves chewing gives bad breath.

Chronic dental problem may also lead to bad breath. Your dentist is the best person to make you aware of this. See if you have bleeding gums. Bleeding gums indicate presence of gum diseases. Gum diseases cause bad breath. Swollen gums and sore boils in your mouth also cause bad breath. These problems should be immediately looked into.

Take any of these steps above to make yourself aware of your bad breath. There are many easy remedies for bad breath. Follow them and rid yourself of bad breath.