Treatment for Bad Breath during Office Hours

July 25, 2009 by  
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Soon after having a spicy lunch with garlic and onion, you come to know of a meeting! You do not have time to get rid of the smell of the spicy food in your mouth. You fear you may have a bad breath which may cause embarrassment. Follow these simple techniques to bring back fresh breath instantly.

Always have some table salt in your bag or your shelf. This will be handy to use. Take some water, if possible some lukewarm water. Add a pinch of salt to the water. Rinse your mouth well and spit out. You can also rub some salt on your teeth if you feel like. Now try smelling your breathe. You will not smell garlic and onion. And you are also left with sparkling clean teeth. You can now attend the meeting without worrying about bad breath.

Always have your tongue cleaner with you. It will help you to clean your tongue and get rid of bad breath instantly. Bad breath is also caused due to food coating the tongue. Carry a small pouch of mouthwash with you because you don’t know when you will have to meet your boss or an important person. Just rinse your mouth with mouthwash and get ready to meet your boss with fresh breath.

If you can get hold of fresh lime, it will work wonders. Take some fresh extract of lime, add salt to it, gargle with it and spit out. You will instantly have a refreshing fresh breath. You can have some cloves too in your bag. Chewing of cloves will be of help to cure bad breath. It helps ease tooth pain as well. Put some cloves in your mouth, chew it for sometime and spit out. This is an easy treatment for bad breath.

If you have time to go to a store before the meeting, purchase a mouth refresher and chew on it. By the time you get down to the meeting, you will find the lingering fresh breath still with you.

Stock up some essential oils like that of wintergreen, mint or peppermint in your desk. Applying them all over your tongue helps regain fresh breath. They come in handy even for headaches and colds.

Try taking some parsley or mint leaves. These are natural and safe mouth refreshers. Take some of these leaves, chew on it slowly and then spit out. Look forward to your meeting and forget your bad breath.

These are easy treatments for bad breath and give you fresh breath in a moment. These handy tips may help you to regain your confidence back and face the situation with ease. So have these ingredients with you in your office desk. Do not let the bad breath get into your way.