Soothe the Cause of Bad Breath

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Continual bad breath is mostly caused by a number of disorders which affect the teeth and gums. One way of dealing with this is regularly visiting your dentist. You need to get your teeth professionally cleaned by the dentist. The dentist will also treat any underlying dental problems. Infrequent bad breath is normally caused by some foods that we consume like onion and garlic. Sometimes bad breath is caused even due to other health problems.

According to physicians, bad breath could be a symptom of a number of diseases like diabetes, sinusitis, bronchitis and acidity. Bad breath caused due to such diseases cannot be cured with fresh breath giving mint flavored chew gums. This is because despite chewing of these gums, brushing teeth twice a day, flossing daily, rinsing of mouth well after each meal, bad breath continues.

Once you come to know what causes bad breath, the first step that you may take is to slightly change your diet and fluids intake. This would control bad breath if food had been the cause of bad breath. The next step that you may take is to control the intake of sugary foods like chocolates and candy. Consumption of ample quantities of water also helps check bad breath. You need to take more of hard and crunchy fruits and raw vegetables. Intake of soft fruits and vegetables is to be followed with intake of somewhat hard foods.

Soft and sticky foods like chocolates and avocados coat the tongue. So these foods should be avoided.
You may instead take foods which require vigorous chewing. This helps salivation of the mouth. Salivation of the mouth cleanses the mouth. A clean mouth will have fresh breath.

Exercise care when trying to soothe the causes of bad breath with medicines available over the counter. These medicines coat the tongue causing bad breath. These medicines may also cause indigestion. Indigestion will increase bad breath. A better way of taking medicines is in tablet form. This way one may protect the tongue from getting coated with medicines.

It is recommended not to allow your stomach to remain empty. Gastric acids collecting in an empty stomach causes bad odor in the stomach and thereby bad breath in the mouth. You need to have healthy snacks in between meals. This way the gastric acids will have the healthy snacks to act upon and move further down the digestion tract. You will be able to prevent bad breath.