Simple Treatments for Bad Breath

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There are many simple treatments for bad breath. This article will help you learn about a few of them.

When bad breath is not chronic, the problem can be treated at home with the help of mouthwashes, toothpastes, etc. But if bad breath is chronic, the problem has to be dealt with by the dentist. Bad breath is a symptom of some underlying disease. The dentist will be able to diagnose the cause of bad breath. The duration of the treatment for bad breath depends on the extent of your problem.

The best and quick way to get rid of bad breath is brushing your teeth with a good toothbrush and toothpaste. One can try rinsing of mouth with hydrogen peroxide. Brushing your teeth with salt or baking soda from your kitchen also helps. It helps to keep your teeth sparkling clean and free from germs which cause bad breath. This is a simple bad breath treatment.

The first step is to find out the cause of your bad breath. If it is caused due to foods you eat, the way to get rid of bad breath is simple. Just clean your mouth properly. Say, after you take onion, garlic, etc. chew on some mouth freshening gums or use mouthwash to get back fresh breath.

Do not create grounds for debris to settle down on your tongue. It may also cause bad breath. The easy treatment for bad breath of this kind is, using a tongue cleaner. Use the tongue cleaner and scrape your tongue gently. This will remove the white layer formed on it and help you get rid of bad breath.

Clove is another kitchen ingredient which helps you to fight bad breath. Take 1 or 2 cloves and chew it well. This will leave your mouth with fresh breath. Cardamom can also be used for curing your bad breath. When you chew on cardamom the sweet smell of cardamom in your mouth will replace the bad odor.

An effective bad breath treatment is cleaning your mouth after every meal. This will prevent the accumulation of bacteria which is the main cause for bad breath. Rinse your mouth well. The food particles should not remain stuck to the teeth. Clean your teeth and tongue also to remove any sticky food particles from your mouth.

The above bad breath treatments are for the people who have bad breath but not due to clinical reasons. If you have bad breath due to tooth decay, gum diseases or plaque formation, then you have to take treatment for bad breath from your dentist.