Prevention and Dental Care for Bad Breath

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Rather than being embarrassed of bad breath, it is better to attack the problem and get rid of it. There are many secret cures for bad breath.

The first step is to find out “what causes the bad breath?” Once you get to know the answer to this, the next is to get rid of bad breath.

Try the following to get rid of bad breath:
* maintain good dental hygiene
* follow the basic principle of brushing of teeth twice daily
* floss at least once a day
* if bad breath is in the early stage, try some home remedies
* avoid foods which will cause this problem.

The bacteria present in the food we take may also cause bad breath. So if that is the cause for bad breath, try to change your diet. Do not consume too much of spicy stuffs. Eatables with sugar should also be avoided. But if you cannot resist taking spicy and sugary stuff, at least make sure you brush your teeth immediately after consuming these.

It is very important to have proper dental care from very young age. Toddlers should be helped by their parents while they brush their teeth. Children tend to frequently get affected by halitosis. They need to be guided to maintain dental hygiene. Children taught good habits continue to follow them even when they become adults.

Women tend to develop bad breath when they attain puberty and during their pregnancy. They have to be additionally careful in taking care of their teeth during these phases of their lives. Taking of pills during pregnancy can be the cause of bad breath.

The other most important step in curing bad breath is choosing the right type of toothbrush and toothpaste. They should suit your body type and dental condition. If you have toddlers at home see to that they do not swallow the toothpaste. Teach them to rinse their mouth well after every brushing event.

Try to get rid of the dental problems causing bad breath. Dental problems like cavities in the tooth, plaque formation, gum diseases, abscess in the gums, etc can cause bad breath.

A simple home remedy for bad breath is to take some warm water with salt added to it. Rinse your mouth with it. Salt attacks the bacteria in your mouth and makes your mouth smell fresh.

Find out if there are other health problems like gut problems and acidity. These may also be the cause for the bad odor in your mouth. These health problems can be treated only by doctors and hence you need to meet a physician immediately.

Smoking and alcohol consumption may also cause bad breath. It is advised to stop smoking and take alcohol moderately.

If dry mouth is causing bad breath, it is advised to take plenty of water. Chewing of chewing gums salivate the mouth and prevents occurrence of dry mouth.

If the cause of bad breath is not known, maintain a diary of food intake and medications taken during a month. The dentist will analyze your diary and try to find the cause of bad breath.